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8 Easy Apps That Pay You for Signing Up

Apps That Pay You for Signing Up

Can’t get enough hours at work? Don’t have a job at all? Or is money just tight? Regardless of your situation, you are probably looking for ways to earn more money. The internet is the holy grail of easy money, or so it seems. Websites are so full of promises that they can teach you how to get rich that it makes it hard ever to know what source to trust. So when we say these apps pay you for signing up – you’re probably a little apprehensive.

But believe it or not, these apps really do pay you for signing up, simple as that. Some of these apps are great to keep around and either save money with or make life a little easier; so, after you earn a few bucks with the sign-on bonuses, you can continue to save money. Now, on to the free money!

Here is our list of eight apps that will pay you for signing up.

Disclaimer: All the information present is subject to change, and many of these sites and apps may change their deals or offerings.

Apps that Pay You for Signing Up


Ibotta is famous throughout the personal-finance blog sphere for its signup bonuses. Through a link such as this one, you can earn $10 after scanning your first receipt. The app works like a cashback shopping type program; you find coupons they list on their site, shop as you usually do, and take a picture of your receipt to get the cashback + the $10 sign on bonus. Additionally, you can earn easy money by referring friends to the app. Outside of these deals, Ibotta can help you save money on groceries and shopping purchases, what’s not to love?


Swagbucks is a popular task-completing point-earner app, you earn points, which can be traded in for gift cards or cash, by playing games, watching videos, or taking surveys. Swagbucks is offering a $10 bonus to any new user who signs up which is activated by the spending of $25 through stores in their shop page. The good news? They have Groupon, Amazon, Walmart, and more connected through this shop page. That means all you have to do is buy something you already need, and you get $10. From there, you can decide if you want to keep using the app, which gives you anywhere from 1%-5%+ on purchases through their shop.


TopCashBack is a shopping portal which you can use get money back after each purchase from one of their 4,000+ retailers. Not only do they offer high referral rates, but they also provide a $10 sign on bonus. They also have a quite high cash back bonus as compared to other portals so that you could earn even more money after the signup bonus.


Investing in your future may seem to be a daunting task; perhaps that is why we turn to the more immediate opportunities of sign up bonuses. But with Acorns, you get the best of both worlds – earn $5 when you use this link. On top of this signup bonus, you make $5 with each referral. You can then start to invest in your future via a robo-advisor, a cheap and reliable option for anyone without the time or knowledge for investing.


Poshmark is a social commerce marketplace for fashion, and you can buy and sell fashion all in a social environment. When you download the app, use one of the varieties of codes from couponchief including JMSFK for $10 off and 99 cent shipping on any purchase for downloading the app. After grabbing the signup bonuses, you might be able to save money buying fashion from other users of the sight, adding another money-saver to your toolbelt.


Some of this will be a little redudant, since we’ve already touched on Robinhood’s free stock for signing up in our Robinhood Promo Code article. But in case you missed that article, Robinhood is not just another investment app. This app changed the way investing has been done forever, boasting commission-free trading, which saves the smaller investor money with every trade. Their signup bonus is nothing to ignore either, earn a free stock valued between $3 and $150 by merely signing up here. You can also earn $10 to $15 from referring friends to the app, which is one of the higher ones we have seen. More hands-on than Acorns, Robinhood allows you to manage your investments a bit more actively.


Earn $25 in free bitcoin when you open an account and deposit $5. I know I know, this is more than just downloading the app. But as soon as you get the $25 in bitcoin, you can withdraw your balance or continue to use the app to manage any cryptocurrency you have. If you are not comfortable with depositing $5, you can deposit any cryptocurrency you have and get back %1.5 currency back, and once you accumulate $5 in rewards, you will get the free $25 in bitcoins deposited into your account. 


Get a $10 bonus reward when you use it for dining out. Book a reservation through the app when you plan on eating out and get rewarded. On top of this one-time bonus, you can earn up to 30% every time you dine out. This is another excellent app to keep around for things you plan on doing anyways, and then making some extra cash from your purchases.

Apps That Pay You for Signing Up

I hope you found our list of seven apps that give you money for signing up helpful. We looked through Ibotta, Swagbucks, TopCashBack, Acorns, Poshmark, Robinhood, Abra, and Seated – all these apps require you to do little more than signing up to earn anywhere from $5 to $25, or in Robinhood’s case $125 in stocks.

These are some of the best mobile signup bonuses available, but there are plenty more out there if you are extra hungry to earn some money on the side.

Share any additional apps that pay you for signing up in the comments below.

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