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Acroyoga: A Complete Beginners Guide


New Ways of Experiencing Human Connection

AcroYoga is for anyone, friends, couples, or random partners. There’s an incredible experience to be had with your best friend as you interact in new ways and move each other around. There’s bonding and intimacy to be derived from doing it with a romantic partner. If you learn to do Acroyoga with strangers at the gym in a class, you’ll become more comfortable around strangers. Many of us have become comfortable talking to strangers from 6 feet away over a table–fewer of us are comfortable touching or trusting strangers with our bodies.

There’s a wonderful experience of new types of human connection to be had through Acroyoga, whoever you choose to do it with. Acroyoga pushes us to connect with new people in new ways, and connect with old friends in ways we haven’t. Doing acroyoga with a romantic partner can be scary at first, or doing it with a best friend can be embarrassing at first, but if we are open and honest about our emotions while doing it anyway, it can be a great way of pushing relationships to new levels.

Acroyoga: The Joy of Childhood Sports

If you played sports as a kid, or if you currently play on a city league or intramural team, you know the pure joy of getting along with teammates and working toward a goal. Such joys of human connection can easily be lost in the gym or on runs, where workouts become individual endeavours. While it is certainly valuable to compete against ourselves, physically participating and competing with others is a great joy of life. We learn to communicate our physical needs, pay attention to our bodies, and trust each other by doing acroyoga.

Acroyoga combines the teamwork of sports with the bonding of a shared task and a single bodily goal. On a basketball court, you work with teammates to score and defend; on a yoga mat, you work with your partner’s body to achieve poses and workout. You need each other in new ways.

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