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Ariana Grande Shares Her Struggles With Mental Health

Ariana Grande recently opened up with her own struggles with depression. In an Instagram story the pop artist created a couple of days ago, she shared a Jim Carrey Quote about depression.

She also later revealed in another story about her having an AOL username based upon Jim Carrey.

Ariana Grande has been dealing with some heavy life events. This past September left her with the news that ex-boyfriend Mac Miller had tragically past away. Grande opened up about the struggles of performing in the aftermath of Miller’s death in a since-deleted tweet.

Moments later, Ariana also opened up about her current emotions, and why it’s been hard for her to open up to friends, family, and fans.

Back in July, Ariana revealed that she had post-traumatic stress disorder and that she was looking for ways to cope with better.

Having an international pop senstation such as Ariana Grande opening up about her mental health struggles is important for a multitude of a reasons. It allows her fans to know that they are not alone when they face similiar issues, and ensures that they also find the right avenues to address those issues as they see fit.

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