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Athleisure Wear to Step Up Your Style

Athleisure Wear

Athletic apparel has become such a part of today’s everyday fashion trends that a new term for it had to be made – athleisure. This trend includes athletic clothing that can go from the gym to a casual night out with friends. Athleisure wear is everywhere, which only makes sense because it’s hella comfortable! And, thankfully, it has now become acceptable to wear athleisure wear in situations other than the gym. The athletic clothing companies have jumped on this trend and have been great in offering up versatile, multi-functional clothing that can be worn just about anywhere.

Take a look at these pieces you need to add to your wardrobe.

Hill City Lightweight run pant

Athleisure Wear

Joggers are super trendy right now and these lightweight pants are perfect for the warmer summer months. These run pants look great at the gym but would also look nice paired with a graphic tee at an outdoor music festival. Or pair these with a cotton polo and you could hit a casual bar or restaurant. These running pants are versatile to wear just about everywhere and a great addition to your summer style.

Hill City Tech Track Jacket

Athleisure Wear

A track jacket is a must-have for your wardrobe. It is so versatile. It can be worn during a cool morning or evening workout or used as a trendy layer over a t-shirt at a casual restaurant patio or bonfire. This particular track jacket would even look great paired with a button up. It’s great to have a lightweight trendy jacket option for all your summer activities.

Lululemon Pace Breaker Short 7”

These shorts are great for the summer. There are 6 colors available but the Cubed Ice Grey Black is the trendiest color option. Most people tend to gravitate towards a solid color workout clothing but it is refreshing to see when people show some personality with their clothing. The Cubed Ice Grey Black is still subtle enough to not be outrageous but gives enough interest to not be boring. You’ll stand out for the right reasons at the gym or on the trail with these shorts. Pair these with a black or grey shirt or polo and you can dress it up enough for a restaurant.

Lululemon Surge Light Tight

Athleisure Wear

Lululemon is known for its trendy women’s athletic tights. As more professional athletes and celebrities have been photographed wearing athletic tights, more men are jumping on the athleisure wear trend. Athletic tights work great as a base layer to keep your muscles warm during cool summer days. While most men choose to layer tights under shorts, some men are going sans shorts showing off what they’ve got! You want to make sure you have a nice pair of athletic tights if you plan on wearing tights without shorts. These athletic tights will hold up and show off all your right places.

Puma Scuderia Ferrari Mens T7 Track Pants

Athleisure Wear

Track pants are definitely still in style and Puma offers a great selection of pants to pick from. This pair has authentic Ferrari branding and the Ferrari shield TPU badge at the upper right hip. You may not be able to get a Ferrari car but you can get this pair of Ferrari track pants. The slim fit of these pants makes them great to wear in so many different situations. You don’t have to just wear them when you’re working out.

Under Armour Rush Hoodie

This hoodie is one you’ll definitely want to wear both in the gym and around town this summer. The mesh insets will help your body breath whether you’re lifting weights at the gym or lifting a beer in a friend’s backyard. This Rush Hoodie is a must have for your summer workout wardrobe.

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