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Best Art Museums in the US: Our Guide

Best Art Museums in the US

If you think museums are stuffy and boring, think again. While you can find the more traditional art museum, there are a lot of unique, interactive, and interesting museums to check out across the United States.

DuPont Underground in DC

Best Art Museums in the US

DuPont Underground is unlike any art museum you have ever seen. It is housed in beneath the city’s DuPont Circle, in the former underground trolley station. The tunnels and platforms had been predominately empty until it was opened as an alternative art museum. Staying right on track with its unconventional location, DuPont Underground non-traditional art like graffiti and multi-media installations. They don’t just stop at visual art, they focus on all types of art forms including comedy, theatre, and music. 

Torpedo Factory Art Center in Alexandria, VA

Best Art Museums in the US

Torpedo Factory is not just a place to view art, it actually houses the studios for the 82 artists creating the work seen in the museum. It is home to the nation’s largest collection of working artists under one roof. Talk to the artist as they create a work of art. Ask the artist questions about a piece you like. Watch the creative process take place.

The Neon Museum in Las Vegas

Best Art Museums in the US

Have you ever wondered what happened to the old, iconic Las Vegas light-up signs? Imagine all those signs in one glorious location – that is the Neon Museum in Las Vegas. This museum collects and preserves the old signs and sets them up for display in what they call their Neon Boneyard. Imagine walking through the aisles of eclectic, larger-than-life signs as you learn about the history of Las Vegas. The Neon Museum also offers hot yoga this summer and will be hosting an exhibit by Tim Burton this Fall 2019.

Walker Art Museum and Minneapolis Sculpture Garden


Known for its iconic Spoonbridge and Cherry sculpture, the Walker Art Museum and Minneapolis Sculpture Garden is a must-see destination. This park makes for great photo ops with the Minneapolis skyline as the backdrop to the outdoor sculpture garden’s 40-plus works of contemporary art. After you’re done exploring the gardens, don’t forget to check out the indoor portion of Walker Art Museum. This contemporary art museum not only brings in unique exhibits, but it also has a mini-golf course on its roof and hosts rooftop social hour throughout the summer.

Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago

Chicago is known for the museums and it’s hard to go wrong visiting any of them. The Museum of Contemporary Art offers a mix between a traditional art museum and a more unconventional one. The museum showcases a variety of art including mixed media, performance, sculpture, and more. Museum of Contemporary Art is a great pick if you’re looking for something a little more traditional that still has an edge. This museum hosts a Farmers Market throughout the summer and has events on its terrace.

Museum of Bad Art in Somerville, MA

Best Art Museums in the US

This art museum is worth visiting just for the stories you’ll be able to share. The museum’s main exhibit space is located in the basement of a theatre but has two additional exhibit spaces. Museum of Bad Art also has a big online following where they are able to showcase more of their bad art. You’ll never see another art museum like this, except maybe when you visit your friend who has kids. This truly is art too bad to be ignored.

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