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Best Belts for Men

A belt is an accessory that is worth your investment! For a large portion of us, a belt is something we wear every day. Your belt not only makes your style look complete, but it also adds to the functionality of your clothes. When you are shopping for a new belt, you want the belt to be comfortable enough for regular wear and to also be made from high-quality material. We have gathered our 6 favorite belts that we trust and recommend.

Maximum Henry Black & Gold Slim Standard Belt ($115)

This Maximum Henry belt is ideal for those who are looking for a classic belt that you can wear every day. It has a very simple and sophisticated look with a slim size. It is made from high-quality leather. With the black solid color, you could wear this belt with a wide variety of outfits. It could easily be dressed up and styled with trousers as well.

rag & bone Brown Rugged Belt ($150)

The second belt on our list is made from a designer brand that we love and trust, rag & bone. The suede brown look of this belt makes it an option that will stand out. It’s another belt that can go with a variety of different outfit choices. With the high-quality material, you can trust that this is a belt that will last you.

Burberry Grey & Black London Check Belt ($290)

This Burberry belt is for the guy that loves high-end designer brands. At approximately 1.5” in width, this belt has an excellent, classic size. We love the added texture and design that comes with this belt. This is an excellent option for the days you really want your belt to stand out from the rest of your outfit. The classic checkered print is a Burberry staple!

Gucci Black GG Belt ($425)

This Gucci belt is at the highest price point compared to the other belts we’ve included in our list, but we couldn’t resist adding this dream worthy option! This belt is truly a classic when it comes to high-end designer belts. The GG logo is iconic and stands out. The grained leather is high-quality. This is a belt you could count on lasting you for years!

Polo Ralph Lauren Navy Braided Belt ($85)

If you are looking to add a belt to your collection that is different than the classic, solid leather look, this Polo Ralph Lauren belt is for you! This belt gives you more texture with the braided look and offers a change in color with this great navy shade. I love the brown leather accents as well. With a price of only $85 when it’s not on sale, this is an excellent deal for a belt made with quality from a designer brand. It can often also be found on sale!

Maximum Henry Brown & Gold Very Slim Oval Belt ($105)

Our last featured belt is one for those who prefer their belt be on the slimmer side. It has an approximate width of .75”. If you don’t want your belt to really stand out from the rest of your outfit, then this is an excellent option for you. It’s classic and simple, but it also is made from high-quality material as well.

With our 6 top recommended belts above, you are sure to find a belt that fits your style and what you’re looking for. These belts are made from high-quality material and you can count on them to last, even if you wear the belt regularly!

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