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Best College Study Apps to Keep Your College-Life Together

best college study apps

Now, more than ever, studying is essential to your success as a student. College is so study intensive that often classes have you studying 3+ hours for each hour of class. All of this can pile up very fast and feel overwhelming, especially if you take on 18+ credit hours. From personal experience, it is imperative that my scheduling, task prioritization, study environment, and studying methods are dialed to perfection. That is why today we are going to go over some of the best college study apps, from scheduling down to studying. We will look at a few of the best college study apps that excel in each category so that we can build yourself an arsenal of useful studying apps.


We touched on scheduling a bit in our productivity apps article (and there are some GREAT recommendations in that article as well.)

Scheduling is, in my opinion, the most crucial part of a successful college career. You now have tons of free time and tons of responsibilities, and it is now up to you to figure it out completely.


iStudies is a planner on steroids; iStudies allows you to manage your course and class details, importing homework, and exams all into an intuitive and centralized platform. I almost forgot to mention that it syncs with your Calendar app across all devices. Plus, it’s free for one semester and then only costs $1.99 as a one-time payment.

Exam Countdown Lite

Exam Countdown Lite is a super simple, clean, minimalist app which tracks exams and other events. A polar opposite of iStudies, this app aims to be an easy way to schedule out all your important deadlines in an easy to use, color-coded display. Oh, and it’s free.

Task Prioritization

Now that you have the big-picture stuff out of the way, it’s time to figure out what you need to get done on the day-to-day basis, that’s where task prioritization comes in.


An intuitive and clean task management app, it lets you set tasks and deadlines and is the only task prioritization app that you can set productivity goals in. All of the data from the productivity features can effectively help you to dominate your schedule. Plus, this app syncs across all your devices, making completing tasks a breeze. You can use the free version, which lacks a few features such as labels and attachments; the full version starts at $3 a month.

Apple’s Reminders

I know, I know, the Reminders app – really? When not using a sheet of paper to create my daily checklists, I turn to Reminders. It’s free, simple, integrated, and easy to use – there isn’t much to not like.

Study Environment

Noises and distractions can ruin an otherwise good studying session. That is why we have included a few apps which can eliminate the buzz of the outside world, and let you enter a flow state.

I was skeptic at first; I am typically not a fan of studying music apps and sites, but when I first used, I honed in and really got work done. Typically, finding quality playlists for studying is a difficult task, but takes all the work out of it and puts you in the zone. You get five free sessions with each account you create, but it does cost $6.95 per month after that.


This app is intense, and I love it. You can lock apps for a set period of time, and then there is no way of opening those apps till the time is up – perfect for eliminating distracting snapchats and alerts. If you struggle with staying focused during studying, this free app is for you.

Study Methods

After all this preparation, it’s time to get down to it. Here are two awesome apps for studying for your next exam.


With extensive personal use, I can confidently say StudyBlue is one of the underrated flashcard apps out there. Students tend to flock to Quizlet to create and test with flashcards, but StudyBlue is equally good. Spectacular for tracking progress, StudyBlue is flashcards done right, I have found multiple other sets of flashcards for my exact class, saving me time, and raising my grade.

Bonus Tip: If you’re trying to learn a new language or in a foreign languages class, study blue has some pronunciation tools to help you speak the language better!


Bear is a versatile writing app that works great with note-taking. Sync with your computer and take notes in class, then study them on your phone whenever you have downtime. The free version does not include some features, and the full version only costs $14.99 a year, not bad.

Best College Study Apps Review

We hope our list of the best studying apps for college has helped you with your studying. There are a ton of great studying apps out there, but all it takes to be successful in your studying is a lot of willpower and some time to focus.

About the Author: Nick Davis

Nick is a freelance writer and full-time college student who writes on a variety of topics and spends his free time writing about philosophy, lifting, and occasionally leatherworking.