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Blink-182’s New Album Will Be Poppier Than their First Single

When Blink-182 released their first single off their upcoming eighth album, it split the fan-base in half. Blame It on My Youth featured a more upbeat sound to it, with the band singing about earlier times. Some applauded the single’s poppier undertone, while others felt like it was Blink trying too hard to produce a radio-friendly hit.

For the fans who were hoping that this first single would be an exception to the rule, prepare to be disappointed.

Speaking on the fan-run podcast, Blink-155, Mark Hoppus discussed criticism to Blink’s new song and what fans could expect from the new album.

Blink-182 is set to go on their summer tour that will feature Lil Wayne

Blame It on My Youth is the first track off of the first thing we’ve released in you know, whatever, three years now. It’s a peek into that world, but I think when people hear the record they’ll have their mind blown because there’s so much other stuff going on. There’s really aggressive stuff, there’s probably even poppier than Blame it on my Youth. There’s weird stuff. It’s kind of all over the place.

Mark Hoppus on the style of Blink-182’s new album

In the interview, Mark states that the new album will contain aggressive tracks, in addition to some poppier tracks. He also states that as a whole, the album is all over the pace.

Blame It on My Youth Was Supposed to be one of the more aggressive songs

In interviews leading up to the release of Blame It on My Youth, the band talked about their inclination to release songs that contained that more aggress feels – reminiscent to some of the work on the Untitled Album. On the first single, besides the introduction, the song fails to meet this expectation.

So when we hear Mark Hoppus talking about the new style, and then follow it up by saying there are poppier songs than Blame it on my Youth, it gives you the feeling that the album as a whole will give a poppier vibe.

Things Could Change

On the podcast, Mark Hoppus also mentioned that they are finishing up mixing the album, and deciding which of the 40-50 songs that they have written will ultimately land on the final album release. This means that there is a chance that the band decides to mix things up and go a less pop-infused route. However, guessing with how the band has moved even more mainstream lately, it makes sense for this album to continue with the poppier feeling.

Will We Hear More Songs on Blink-182’s upcoming tour?

We mentioned in a previous article that Blink-182 was set to go on tour with Lil Wayne this summer. It’s a given that Blink will be performing their new single live on this tour. However, it isn’t known how many other tracks could be released during this tour, or if the band will be saving more tracks for after.

Regardless, it’s been a long three years since Blink-182’s last album California debuted, and fans from all over are excited to continue to hear more tracks from the duo.

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