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Call Her Daddy – and Why People Are Obsessing over It

If you’ve been anywhere near any social media accounts or online dating apps, you’ve probably seen people throw around the phrases Call Her Daddy, #CallHerDaddy, or Daddy Gang. What began as a podcast hosted by Alexandra Cooper, Sofia Franklyn and Barstool Sports, has now become much more than that.

Before we talk about what exactly Call Her Daddy is all about, let’s talk about who the showrunners actually are.

Who is Sofia Franklyn?

Sofia Franklyn is 27 years old and grew up in Salt Lake City, Utah. Although Utah is known for its heavy Mormonism, Sofia is not a Mormon. She began her career by writing for Barstool Sports, which eventually landed her creating the Call Her Daddy podcast.

Who is Alexandra Cooper?

Alexander Cooper is also 27 years old and from Boston Massachusetts. She is a former Division 1 soccer player, who began her post-grad career as a writer for Barstool Sports. She now lives in New York and runs the Call Her Daddy podcast full-time.

What is #DaddyGang?

#DaddyGang refers to the fans of the popdcast Call Her Daddy. The hosts of the show, Sofia Franklyn and Alex Cooper, encourage their fans to put the hashtag in their dating profile to connect with other fans and as an easy way to start conversations.

What is Call Her Daddy?

Call Her Daddy is a podcast where the hosts, Sofia and Alex, aren’t afraid of talking about topics that are generally taboo. Calling somebody “daddy” is usually signaling some kind of authority, and their whole idea is, “Anybody can be a daddy, guys, girls, it doesn’t matter.” Hence the name Call Her Daddy. Nothing is off limits (relationships, dating, lifestyle, ect.) 

Call Her Daddy Has Taken Over Pop Culture

On the podcast, Alex and Sofia talk about topics ranging from relationships, living in New York, and entertainment. But what really separates them from other similar podcasts is their willingness to be as open and blunt as possible. People really seem to be able to resonate with them on a deep level.

Additionally, the Daddy girls have been able to create catchphrases and memes from their episodes. Terms such as Daddy Gang (#DaddyGang) are all over people’s Twitter bios and online dating profiles. They’ve also taken these phrases and created popular merchandise as well.

Call Her Daddy Keeps Getting More Popular

If we take a look at how Call Her Daddy is trending around the US, we can see that it just keeps getting more and more popular.

Call Her Daddy Popularity

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