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Cargo Shorts Are Going to Make the Biggest Comeback Ever – Here’s Why

Cargo shorts are catching slack in today’s media. Apparently,  it took 2019 for people to realize how terrible looking these shorts were.

Here’s the thing though fellas – cargo shorts are about to make a comeback. All the hate and backlash they’ve generated will lead them to have the largest comeback of our generation. You have the word from all the good folks here at Gemsman

But besides the hate propelling these shorts back to the forefront of fashion, there are some other practical reasons cargo shorts will be on the rise once more.

Safety Features: Self-Protection

Scared of getting robbed? Say no more. Cargo shorts switch things up so people trying to rob you won’t know which one of the many pockets have your belongings.

Think about it, if you’re trying to steal from somebody, who are you going to steal from? The person with two clear front pockets, or the person with 5-6 pockets scattered all around. It’s common sense.

Cargo Shorts + Robbery = No Robbery

Plus. since most men are going away from cargo shorts, moving towards them will make you less of a target to criminals.

Keeps You in Shape

Stuffing the many pockets with so many items will keep your legs strong.

Look, nobody wants to workout legs. But with cargo shorts, you don’t have to work them out ever again. Just stuff 3/4 of all your belongings in your pants, and you’ll be working out your chicken legs all day long.

Keeps You Fiscally Responsible:

All the pockets will make you forget where your wallet is, and it will frustrate you to where you won‘t make that spontaneous buy.  

Instead, only the ones that are important will be worth spending the 20 minutes looking for your cash.

Because Nobody Wears Them Anymore, You’ll Become a Trend-Setter.

Fashion trends are cyclical. So at the least, that fact that people continue to hate on cargo shorts mean it’s a sure bet to be a fashion trendsetter soon enough.

So, get ahead of the curve now and incorporate cargo shorts back in your fashion arsenal. You can thank us later. 

About the Author: Ronald Johns

Ron Johns is a contributing writer to Gemsman. A lover of politics, music, and media, Ron writes about topics that affect the everyday man.