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Casey Frey Is the Internet’s Best Kept Secret

Casey Frey

It’s weird. Everybody has seen a Casey Frey video somewhere on the web. Yet, he’s still the best-kept secret on the internet. I mean, just take a look at this gem he recently released:

And somehow, with hilarious content like that, he’s still not as large as he could be. But as of recently, and with Casey’s collaborations with other media creators, it seems that he’s slowly seeing the mega-growth he deserves.

But who exactly is Casey Frey? How did he get started? And what type of growth can we expect from him in 2019 and beyond?

Who is Casey Frey

Casey Frey is a 25-year-old comedian, a Youtuber, and a former Viner. In fact, it was his Vine videos that gave Casey his initial exposure. Although it’s not known where Casey was born, he currently resides in California.

After Vine shut down, Casey began his move to other platforms. It was there that some of his Facebook videos began to go viral. The most infamous one is labeled, “Come Here, Lemme Teach You Something” and features Casey awkwardly flexing into the camera, seemingly trying to impress the viewer.

It wasn’t until 2016-2017 that Casey Frey began to also see growth on his Youtube channel. Since then, he has amassed over 150,000 subscribers and counting.

Casey’s Collabs

Late 2017 and 2018 were big years for Casey Frey on his social platforms as he began to join forces with other YouTubers. One of those Youtubers was Cherdleys (also known as Cheb.) Together, they’ve created some of the most viral content currently on the web. Their infamous “My Mom’s my Dad” video has garnered close to 2 million views on Youtube in less than three months.

The Future of Casey

As we mentioned, Casey hasn’t even reached the pinnacle of his success. Although we still consider him to be one of the internet’s best-kept secrets, it’s clear he’s slowly beginning to gain great lengths of notoriety. Chances are, Casey is going to be reaching mega-stardom soon enough.

It’ll also be interesting to see what other collaborations he has in store. With other online personalities such as the Nelk Boys and Stevewilldoit also gaining steam, we curious to see if they’ll do videos together.

What’s your favorite Casey video? Let us know in the comments below.

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