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Cassady Campbell: You Better Respect The Military Credentials of Chest

Cassady Campbell

If you’ve been anywhere around the Youtube world, you’ll have either heard or seen one of Cassady Campbell’s hilarious prank videos. Cassady is known for his array of characters including Chester the redneck, and Brian the wankster. But how did Cassady Campbell get started and why has he suddenly gained so much popularity?

Who is Cassady Campbell?

Cassady Campbell is a 27-year old Youtuber who used to go by the name Train to Look Good Naked . He used to focus mainly on fitness-related content, until 2014, when Cassady changed his Youtube name and nature of his channel.

He currently resides in California.

Cassady Campbell’s wankster character.

Cassady Campbell Controversy

One controversy Cassady has found himself in has been beef with fellow Youtuber Eric Kanevsky. The beef began when Eric claimed that Cassady had done him wrong in the way he handled their collaborations. Things escalated when Eric tricked Cassady into thinking an Instagrammer had asked him out on a date, only to be met by Eric at the date location.

Firing CEO Prank

Additionally, Cassady has caught flack for his firing CEO pranks. Although in each of the videos, Cassady informs the individual that the firing is part of his Youtuber video, this type of prank has gotten other YouTubers in trouble, including Lauren Love.

Why is Cassady Gaining Popularity?

Late 2014 was when the prank-era of Youtube came to an end, and popular pranksters began to see their videos lose traction. However, this was when Cassady began to gain much of his popularity. One of the reasons is Cassady does not fake any of his pranks – which at the time, was rare for this genre. Also, his multitude of characters has allowed Cassady to continue to produce unique content to keep his audience engaged.

Where Can You Find Cassady?

Besides his youtube channel, Cassady can be found on Instagram (@cassadycampbell.)

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