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Cindy Prado Is the Cuban Model We Need More of in Our Life

Cindy Prado

What’s up with Cuba giving us some of the most gorgeous women on the planet? ???? Cindy Prado is textbook Instagram gorgeous. But don’t take our word for it…

How Old is Cindy Prado?

Cindy Prado is 27 years old and was born on January 20, 1992. (Not saying 27 years old is old, but she definitely looks much younger than that!)

How Did Cindy Prado Get Started?

Cindy’s been modeling all her life, so she’s continued onwards on this path. After modeling in various digital and print magazines, Cindy got one of her first big breaks from Maxim Magazine. In 2014, Maxim crowned her of their “Hometown Hotties”. You can check out her semifinalist video below!

One cool thing about Cindy is the fact that, although she started getting popularity a couple of years ago, she hasn’t lost any steam. Looking at the number of followers she once had, compared to what she has now, she continues to gain more of a fan-base.

Obviously, numbers aren’t everything, but she’s also seen more endorsements and search engine searches as well.

What Is Cindy Prado’s Ethnicity?

Cindy Prado is Cuban.

Where Was Cindy Prado Born?

Although Cindy is Cuban, she was born and raised right outside Miami.

What Brands Does She Work For?

One of Cindy’s main brands right now is Knockout Watches. We covered a lot of the Knockout Watches Girls on Gemsman. For those of you who aren’t aware, Knockout Watches is a popular fashion accessory company that enlists some of the hottest Instagram models in the game today. Models like Katie Bell and Leidy Labrador (Leidy Labrador is also Cuban btw.)

Does Cindy Work for Ignite?

Although Cindy has appeared alongside Leidy, Katie, and other Ignite models, it doesn’t appear she is currently modeling for the company.

What’s Cindy’s Instagram and Social Media Accounts?

Cindy’s Instagram account can be found here. She also seems to be pretty active on her Twitter account as well (and she’s pretty hilarious.)

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