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Conspiracy Theory: Lebron James Is The Reason Magic Is Out

Don’t be believe for a second by the ignorance being plead by Lebron James’ camp on the recent departure of Magic Johnson; Lebron James is behind it.

Remember back to last summer, when the big news was how Magic “wowed” Lebron into taking his talents to Los Angeles? That may have not been completely false, but Lebron was going to LA regardless. It didn’t matter who was at the helm; Lebron had hundreds of reasons as to why LA was a premier destination for him and his family.

Let’s take it a step further.

This season has been a disaster for the Lakers, and Magic’s inability to equip Lebron with any substantial superstar is what started this downward spiral. We’re not even just talking about Anthony Davis – this started with Paul George in the summer.

Things didn’t get much better when word began circulating that incoming free agents such as Kawai Leonard aren’t interested in joining LA this summer either.

Magic isn’t dumb; he knew exactly the type of guy Lebron James is. He had plenty of evidence with how he shaped both the Miami Heat and the Cleveland Cavaliers. So, instead of waiting around for things to get even more ugly, he decided to exit on his own terms.

So the part about Magic not talking to Jeanie Buss may or may not be true. But don’t buy this hype that Magic blindsided everybody with his decision. The writing was on the wall the moment Lebron put on the LA uniform.

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