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Desiree Schlotz Is My New Favorite Ignite Girl

desiree schlotz

Move our Katie Bell, at least for a couple of minutes, because there’s another Ignite model that we need to devote some time to. And that model is none other than Desiree Scholtz. (Or Desi / @desireeschlotz)

Besides being gorgeous, she also has completely enchanted me and has made me want to buy every single Ignite product that will ever be made. GIVE ME YOUR PROMO CODE AND TAKE MY MONEY DESIREE!!!!

How Long Has Desiree Schlotz Been With Ignite?

The first Instagram photo we saw that had Desiree sporting some Ignite lingerie was one she added to her account six months ago (or on February 8th of 2019.)

Desiree Schlotz

However, she hadn’t posted any photo with Dan Bilzerian until recently (on June 19th 2019 to be exact.)

Desiree Schlotz’s Bio

The great thing about Desi is that she has her own website that gives us a decent bio about her modeling career, and some other tidbits about her. Through her website, she talks about what she’s passionate about, the magazines she’s taken a part of, and also the brands she works for. Check out a snippet of this bio below:

Hi Guys! Welcome! This platform is a place for everyone to see my most current portfolio of my modeling career. I am currently living in LA pursing my goals as a model. I also work as a freelance makeup artist in LA. I have a had a history of working in the beauty industry. I have been published in Volo Magazine, Sixty6 Magazine issues 5,6, and 7. Having a high level of engagement on my social media accounts has enabled me to work with brands from all around the world, promoting various fashion/beauty products and shops. I am always looking for new and innovated ways to improve my business/career! Please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Although, her website doesn’t talk about her age, where she was born, where’s from, ect.

How old is Desiree Schlotz?

Desiree Schlotz was born on July 18, 1997. She is currently is 22 years old and resides in Los Angeles California.

What Are Desi’s Social Media Accounts?

We already mentioned Desiree’s Instagram account (@DesireeSchlotz), you can also catch her on Twitter (although she really hasn’t been active on there in a couple of years.)

Not really a social media account, but Desiree does have an active website, where she posts higher resolution modeling images than you might see on Instagram.

Catch Her While You Can

Desiree is definitely making some moves in the model world, so be on the lookout and she continues to gain more partnerships and models for more brands. Desi is definitely much more than just an Instagram model.

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