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Elon Musk Just Took His Nerdiness to a New Level With High Tier Meme Magic

Elon Musk, Mr. I’m Worth 21 Billion, is tearing twitter apart with his love of anime. He is accelerating his nerdiness in the same way as somebody driving a Tesla for the first time.

Don’t believe me? Well, check it out for yourself.

Elon Musk's Nerdy Ass New Twitter Profile Pic

Elon Musk’s new profile pic is that of Edward Elric. Edward, much like Elon, is a powerful scientist capable of unbelievable feats of science. My geeky friend who watches anime (not me) told me that, in the series, he can create things through a science known as alchemy.

Again, I wouldn’t know any of this because I’m not a freaking nerd who watches anime. But if I did watch anime I would tell you Ed is amongst the best alchemists in the show. He is the “full metal alchemist” because he sacrificed his arm and leg to bring back Alphonse’s (who died) soul into a thing of armor.

Unlike Edward however Elon is pretty tall, my research on Wikipedia tells me he is 6’2″ but every woman on Tinder knows that means 6′ tops. Also, Edward in the series is young however Elon is old, he is 47. He likely needs assistance getting in his Tesla and typing on the interwebs.

So What The Fudge Is Elon Doing?

Chances are this is a publicity stunt to promote something to do with electric cars, flamethrowers or space ships. I say that because of this tweet

As you can see the publicity stunt obviously worked because he has Gemsman (the #1 website in the world) writing about it.

I also wanted to mention Elon once hosted Meme Review with a known Swedish Boy PewDiePie (you thought we were going to say something negative didn’t ya?) In it, he laughed at a dead deer at the bottom of a swimming pool. It was actually hilarious.

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