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Fashion Accessory Gifts That Will Make Your Girl Go Crazy

Fashion Accessory Gifts

Looking for the perfect gift for the girl in your life can be a stressful endeavor, especially without breaking the bank. Are you looking for a gift that she will be obsessed with, but still stays within your budget? Fashion accessories provide multiple options at a variety of price points. With the endless possibilities when it comes to accessories, we wouldn’t be surprised if you’re feeling overwhelmed on knowing where to begin looking. We have gathered our top five fashion accessories that will make the girl in your life go crazy and make your bank account happy at the same time.

Kate Spade Heart Stud Earrings, $48

Two guaranteed ways to impress your girl when it comes to a gift is something that is designer and classic at the same time. These small Kate Spade Heart Stud Earrings are classic enough for her to wear every day! Although these earrings come in a variety of color options, both the black and white options will go with any outfit. The earrings feature a signature spade clasp in the back, so your girl can show off her new Kate Spade designer earrings.

Coach Butterfly Wristlet, $75

A wristlet is an essential fashion accessory for any woman! She can bring her cards and cash along with her when she’s on the go. Wristlets are perfect for a night out or brunch on the weekends when she doesn’t want to be weighed down by her everyday bag. This Coach Butterfly Wristlet is big enough to fit her cards, cash and her phone along for the ride. It is made of a sturdy coated canvas, so it will last your girl for years to come! The wrist strap is also detachable, so she can throw it in her daily bag to act as a wallet for the days she is looking to carry her handbag full of her essentials.

Fashion Accessory Gifts

Double Strand Pendant Necklace, $44

Jewelry is a popular gift idea for women but often comes with a hefty price tag at your standard jewelry store. Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, but they may not be within every budget. This double strand pendant necklace from Nordstrom doesn’t break the bank, costing less than $50. It will be a winner no matter what style of jewelry your girl prefers, with the clean lines and slight sparkle.

Fashion Accessory Gifts

Apt. 9 Bow Dome Satchel, $55

The average woman uses a daily handbag to carry a variety of items she may need, often also including unusual items you may not expect. The saying that a woman carries everything in her bag beside the kitchen sink isn’t far from the truth! This is especially true for the busy working women or the moms running kids around to different activities. I mean, it’s better to be safe than sorry, right? A handbag is an important part of her daily life, which makes a new handbag the perfect gift option for your special lady. This satchel has enough room for her to store the items she wants to tote around and comes with a removable crossbody strap, making it easy for her to carry around. It is originally $55 but can often also be found on sale!

Fashion Accessory Gifts

Mesh Strap Rose Gold Watch, $20

If you are gift shopping for a new woman in your life and want to spend on the lower end of the scale, this fashionable watch is an option you will want to consider at only $20! This Mesh Strap watch comes in the trendy rose gold color and the slim design makes it suitable for her to wear every day or save for a special occasion.

Fashion Accessory Gifts

Fashion Accessory Gifts – Final Thoughts

Finding something that your lady will love no longer has to be a time-consuming venture, spending hours scouring the stores at the mall. These fashion accessories are all easily ordered online, so you can find your next gift with ease, have it shipped to your front door and still stay within any budget!

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