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Five Easy Attraction Hacks to Be Better Looking

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Fellas, you all came for the attraction hacks, not for a three-paragraph intro. So how about we get straight to the tips? Cool.

Hack #1: Invest in a Good Barber

Invest in a good barber. Even if you think Becky from Great Clips is the best thing since sliced bread, you don’t know what you’re potentially missing until you check out an experienced stylist.

An experienced stylist will be able to know what hairstyles fit your facial shape. (Yeah, bet you didn’t know that hairstyles should accentuate your face shape.)

A mediocre hairstylist will give you the same look they give to every customer. This is bad.

Sure, you might be spending more money, but the benefits outweigh the cost in the long run. Plus, Groupon (or other coupon sites) sometimes have deals for good barbers. Shop around.

Bonus TIp: Speaking of face shapes, the same holds true for skin tone. Different colors look better depending on your tone. Check out this article for more info.

Attraction Hack #2: Stop Being Gross

It doesn’t matter how many of our attraction hacks you attempt if you’re overly gross. Things such as:

  • Bad Breath
  • Bad Posture
  • Not Taking a Shower
  • Not Washing Your Clothes

If you’re doing any of these things… STOP! They’re easy fixes, and as long as these things linger, you’re doing yourself a strong disservice.

For a whole other list of unattractive things you might be doing, be sure to check this out.

Attraction Hack #3: Stop Self-Deprecating or Bragging

Self-deprecating humor can be fun in the right settings, but if you’re constantly putting yourself down, people are going to realize you have some self-esteem issues.

If you have some insecurities about yourself (maybe your weight, height, smile, etc), do your best at fixing them (if possible), or compensating in other ways. For example, shorter guys can gain extra confidence by being buff. Heavier guys can lose some weight. Guys with a bad smile can get their teeth whitened. You get the point.

Then, practice not making fun of yourself.

If your somebody whose whole personality is built around self-depreciation, try to incorporate other types of humor to slowly get away from it.

Braggers Are Just as Bad

The same goes for braggers. It was great that you went to Harvard when we heard about it the first time. Now, six months later, it’s getting pretty old, George.

There’s a difference between being confident in your abilities and being overt about it. When you do so, people begin to realize you’re bragging because you’re trying to compensate for other parts of your life.

We’re not saying don’t be proud of your accomplishes (trust me, having money or coming from an Ivy League school are AMAZING feats), but you don’t have to continually rub it in people’s faces.

Be humble.

Hack #4: Wear Fitting Clothing

We’re not going to discuss this too much because we have so many articles on Gemsman about this topic (include this one and this one.)

But the one thing we never really touched on is exactly HOW to dress for your body-type. Luckily, we found a great resource that goes over exactly how to do this. Check it out below:

Attraction Hack #5: Be Passionate About Something

You might hate your job, and that’s fine. Not everybody can have a job that they are passionate about. But even if do have a job you’re passionate about, it’s important to also have other things that fuel your soul.

Things like reading, writing, working out, traveling, etc. Outside hobbies that you’re passionate about can be rewarding can help clean your mind, and can help relieve stress and keep you young. (Plus, youthfulness has been tied to being more attractive. Just saying.

That’s All Folks

So there ya have it, folks. Take these hacks to heart, and we promise it’ll make an improvement in your attractiveness

Misc Bonus Tip:

Gemsman only paid me for a 500-word article. But I’m feeling generous today boys, so here’s a bonus tip.

Stop Being Thirsty

Guys today are extremely thirsty. They’re creepily sliding into the DMS, messaging girls left and right, cat-calling in the street, and much much more. The thing I want to know is.. when has thirsty ever worked? I have never heard a guy say, “Wow, my thirstiness got me that date.” NEVER. So stop it. It’s not helping you, and the word gets around. You don’t want everybody knowing you’re a creep.

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