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Five Hidden Gems of Las Vegas

5 Hidden Gems of Las Vegas

You’ve heard about the hotels, night clubs, and all the major attractions on the Las Vegas strip, but Las Vegas is home to a few hidden gems that only the locals and hotel employees know about. These hot spots offer some of the best entertainment and food on and off the strip, and you can usually find short lines and a laid-back vibe.

The Laundry Room Secret Speakeasy

Don’t be thrown off by the name; The Laundry Room is not somewhere you want to take your dirty laundry, though you may hear a dirty little secret or two at this downtown speakeasy found in the backroom of Commonwealth on Fremont Street. This super chic, elite, and top-secret bar has 28 seats, and you must have a reservation to enter. Follow their Facebook page to find the phone number to text for reservations. You’ll have to meet at a secret location and follow the instructions given to you to get inside The Laundry Room, but this is a Vegas adventure you definitely want to take part in.

5 Hidden Gems of Las Vegas

Visit the MGM Lions at Lion Habitat Ranch

The MGM Resort on the Las Vegas Strip was once home to the famous lion habitat where visitors could view two lions. The exhibit has been gone for several years, but visitors to Las Vegas can still hang out with the beautiful, fierce creatures at The Lion Habitat Ranch located just ten minutes from the strip. More than 45 lions live on the seven-acre ranch, and visitors can even pay to have an animal encounter and feed a lion. The ranch is open Friday through Monday with limited hours however you can book your tickets online.

5 Hidden Gems of Las Vegas

Visit Lake Las Vegas

If you love the water, adventure, and excitement, head out to Lake Las Vegas for the day. Visitors to the 320-acre lake can enjoy kayaking, paddle boarding, canoeing, pedal boats, or even, rent a jetpack or flyboard! The full-service marina is home to luxury yachts, and you may also be lucky enough to catch a celebrity or popstar cruising on the lake. If you want to feel like a celebrity yourself for the day, book dinner on La Contessa Yacht. You can also shop, dine, and relax at The Village where seasonal live entertainment happens on weekends and kids can play on a floating park! There are several golf resorts and clubs on the Lake as well.

5 Hidden Gems of Las Vegas

Ellis Island

While the Ellis Island Casino, pub and brewery is not a secret location, this hidden gem has a hometown vibe and is located just off-strip enough that it isn’t jam-packed with tourists all the time. The hotel and casino are family owned and offers award-winning dining and reasonable prices. There’s even a karaoke bar open seven nights per week, and some of the best microbrews you will find in Las Vegas made on site at the brewery.

5 Hidden Gems of Las Vegas

Get Nerdy at THE NERD

If you love Star Wars, Game of Thrones, Dr. Who, Marvel, D.C., and cosplay you need to head over to The Nerd on Fremont Street. This hidden gem bar is a local hangout hidden away from tourists on the second floor of Neonopolis. The bar also has a bowling alley, video games, and pool tables. Make sure to come in cosplay because you’ll get 50% off. Order The Springfield, a martini ringed with a pink donut in celebration of The Simpsons.

5 Hidden Gems of Las Vegas

These hidden gems in Las Vegas are just a few of the hot spots that you can find if you know where to look!  

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