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Five Hidden Gems of Portland Oregon

hidden gems of portland

Portland is one of the most popular cities to visit in the Pacific Northwest and is known for its hipster attitude, liberal policies, and food trucks offering flavors from all over the world. The Oregon College of Art has drawn lots of contemporary artists to Portland, and it’s common to see a distillery next to a coffee shop, both across from a strip club, with a mural painted by teenagers sharing space with a billboard advertising recreational marijuana, all on the same block. There is no shortage of things to do in Portland, Oregon, but while you’re in town, make sure to check out these five hidden gems of Portland.

Black Bird Pizza

hidden gems of portland

Ever wish the local pizza place would deliver a case of beer or bottle of wine with your vegan pizza? Black Bird Pizza offers alcohol delivery with your pizza order until 2 am in Portland. They also have pasta, sandwiches, and salads. Their happy hour is six hours long (from 2pm-8pm), and most of their menu items can be prepared vegetarian or vegan, and gluten-free upon request. If you’re a meat eater, you’ll love the lamb sausage, or meat lover’s pizza, meatball subs, or chicken parmesan.  

Kennedy School Hotel

hidden gems of portland

Ever wanted to go back to school and redo some of those years? While you can’t make time travel, you can enjoy reminiscing at Kennedy School Hotel. This unique hotel was constructed as an elementary school in 1915 but has been renovated to turn the classrooms into hotel rooms with private baths. There is also a restaurant, several bars, an entire movie theater, a brewery; and the old school swimming pool? That’s now a giant hot tub.  The eclectic hotel is also covered in artwork.

Out ‘n’ About Treehouse Treesort

If you love adventure and the outdoors you need to skip the hotels, and even the campgrounds, and stay at the Treehouse Treesort. Out ‘n’ About offers four-star treehouses on 36 acres of privately-owned land next to the Siskiyou National Forest. A riding stable, zip lines, and Tarzan swing are also available for guests!

The Peculiarium

This Portland attraction is just as the name implies—peculiar. The unique museum’s exhibits are all based on weird stories, urban legends, and science fiction. The Peculiarium is not for children but would make a great guys trip destination that will make your skin crawl. This attraction does its part to keep Portland weird.


Mac’d is less hidden and more gem. The macaroni and cheese restaurant does not serve noodles from a box though. Customers can get creative with build-your-own toppings stations that let you create a Mac’d masterpiece that you’ll crave again and again. Add multiple kinds of cheese, jalapeno, short ribs, mushrooms, truffle oil, bacon, crab, and even hot dog! Add a side of honey sriracha brussels sprouts if you want to get adventurous.

Portland is one of the best places in the world to go if you’re searching for off-the-beaten-path types of destinations. Make sure to stop by our favorite hidden gems of Portland to experience something new and exciting, whether it’s food, fun, or a cool place to stay.

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