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Five Hidden Gems of Toronto Canada

Hidden Gems of Toronto

In our hidden gems series, we’ve discovered the cities of Minneapolis, Portland, Des Moines, Cincinnati, Omaha, and Las Vegas. But now it’s time to venture outside of the United States. Toronto is a large city in Canada that offers many sights, attractions, events, and other amazing places that both residents and tourists enjoy. The city is changing all the time, so every visit isn’t the same. From the highest skyscrapers to amazing castles, to museums with a history dating back centuries, there’s something for everyone in this city. So without further ado, here are the five hidden gems of Toronto.

Five Hidden Gems in Toronto

Casa Loma

Want to hang out at a real, full-sized castle? Toronto isn’t exactly known for its medieval architecture, which is why Casa Loma is so notorious. The castle is actually the largest one in North America. There are over a hundred rooms with large turrets visitors can view the amazing city from. The entire place is a fun adventure with tours, events, and games. The castle also has 800 ft.+ of secret passageways and underground tunnels to explore. The entire family will enjoy a lengthy visit to Casa Loma. Who knows what you might find?

The Toronto Islands

hidden gems of Toronto

While there is a good amount of people who visit the islands each year, there are hidden gems within the islands that visitors must look for while in Toronto. The islands are located just offshore in Lake Ontario. They are a chain of small islands, but only the three largest have attractions, shops, and local culture. The big three are Algonquin, Ward’s, and Centre Islands. A ferry or a personal watercraft can take you to the islands where there are no cars and traffic. People rent bikes or rollerblades and get to explore the beaches and businesses. You can find a lighthouse said to be haunted, a huge maze, and parks with horse riding, paddle boating, and more. Everyone has a chance to enjoy a ton of amazing things in all three Toronto Islands.

The CN Tower

This isn’t exactly the most hidden place, it’s quite the opposite, actually. But it definitely is a gem and is one of the largest and most unique towers in the entire world. The CN Tower was built in 1973 and is a staggering 147 floors at 1,815 tall. The restaurant near the top of the building rotates round and round to give the patrons a truly amazing viewing experience. On the 113th floor, visitors can walk on glass floors that feels like walking on air. For adrenaline junkies, the EdgeWalk tour gives visitors the chance to wear a harness and walk the outside of the tower near the top.

St. Lawrence and Kensington Markets

Both of these markets are literally covered in hidden gems that you must see to believe. The cultures are so diverse, you’d be hard pressed to find another place like the two. The shopping experience is unique, you can peruse anarchist shops, have absinthe down at the speakeasy, delight in the magic of street entertainers, find your favorite record at the vintage shop, and eat some of the best food in the world within small eateries to finer dining establishments.

BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir

This architectural masterpiece is one of the most incredible buildings to have ever been built. It serves as a Hindu Temple for Toronto and welcomes everyone. The entire temple was built strictly according to ancient Hindu architectural principles and stands as a testament to how the people of the Hindu Faith, who mostly live in India, have mastered their style of building. The temple is reminiscent of the most famous of any Hindu architecture, The Taj Mahal. When you look upon the temple, you will immediately know who it was built for. It stands in the heart of Toronto.

Toronto welcomes anyone of any faith and culture to enjoy all the wonderful things in their beautiful city full of amazing people. Don’t forget to hit the market after you ascend the world’s largest staircase in the CN Tower!

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