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Fun Hobbies for Men in Their 20’s

fun hobbies for men in their 20's

Hobbies are important. When you’re younger, it’s easy to have them, but things change when school and work starts getting in the way. As we age, it’s also important to have hobbies that aren’t only fun, and can benefit us in other parts of our life. Here’s our list of fun hobbies for men in their 20’s – that go beyond just a little added enjoyment.

The List of Fun Hobbies for Men in Their 20’s


Fun Hobbies for Men in Their 20's
Photography isn’t the cheapest, nor the easiest hobby to start, but it can be one of the most enjoyable. Plus, with how sophisticated cell phone cameras have become, you don’t necessarily have to dish out any money just yet.

With how popular Instagram has become, it seems like everybody is a photographer these days. But don’t let that discourage you; photography is still an amazing hobby to pick up.

If you don’t want to go out and spend hundreds or thousands on camera equipment, you can start out using your cell phone. Cell phone photography continues to get bigger and bigger, and there are resources out there to make things easier.

If you do decide to take the plunge and get photography equipment, there are tons of websites that give you access to photography tutorials, such as this one. Just search online and on Youtube and you’ll be able to gain access to some good ones.

The photography community is extremely welcoming and open to help too. Hop on to Facebook or Craigslist to find groups who meet up on a somewhat frequent basis. That way, you can hone your skill and meet new people.

Bonus Tip: As a fellow photographer, it can be tempting to go out and buy the best gear right off the bat thinking that’ll it make you better. The truth of the matter is, the gear isn’t what makes the photographer. Learn the basics, understand the crafts, and then feel free to get the right equipment.


Dancing is a great hobby that also allows you to meet people of the opposite sex. Don’t believe the stereotypes of male dancers being “feminine .” If you go into any ballroom dancing or Latin dancing class, you’ll witness some of the fittest men.

Dancing is also difficult. If you’re somebody who use to live off of challenges, dancing can be one of them.

Some dance classes also participate in shows across the city, so that can be an opportunity to branch out and be involved in something different.


There are tons of posts on our travel section about places you can go see and things to do. If you’ve never traveled to a big city like New York, or Chicago, your 20’s is a great time do just that. You can take this hobby even further and start traveling to different countries. Obviously, that’s going to require some more funds, but it’s something you can plan for in the future.

Going back to money, you don’t have to buy expensive airline tickets to travel. Greyhound (which sometimes gets an unwarranted bad rep) has cheap tickets to cities across the US.

If you have any friends who are down for some road tripping, tag them along and split the gas bill (if you decide to drive.)


Some guys may not find reading “fun”, but that might be because they’re picturing reading the wrong kind of books. In our 10 essential books post, we outline some books that are not only fun to read but give you some self-improvement advice.

Reading can become one of those hobbies that pay for itself.

Working Out

Last, but not least, working out can be more than just a routine. If you’re in a relationship, there are various partner workout classes and exercises that you can do together.

Also, don’t think that you have to do the same old boring workouts. There are loads of unique workouts you can try to keep things interesting.

Have any other fun hobbies for men in their 20’s you want to add?

Use the comment section below and give us some suggestions on hobbies to add to our list!

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