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Genevieve Shawcross Is My Favorite Genny With a G


Genevieve Shawcross is by far my favorite Jenny that spells her name with a G. She’s also the only Jenny I know that spells her name with a G.

Genevieve Shawcross is another Instagram model that has skyrocketed in popularity in such a short time. You can tell Genny always had a knack for modeling from her ‘Gram, but if you flick through some photos, you can see it wasn’t too long ago that Genny was your average college student attending Ariana Grande concerts.

But now? Genevieve Shawcross is a rising-model you need to keep your eyes on.

How Old Is Genevieve Shawcross?

Genevieve Shawcross is 20 years old and was born on April 26, 1999. This also makes her a Taurus!

(Also, interestingly enough, according to this article, Taurus’ are devoted and responsible. Right on Genny!)

Where Was Genevieve Shawcross Born?

So this one is a little murky. We do know from her Instagram, that she attended West Chester University out in Pennsylvania. So we are leaning towards her being born in Pennsylvania, but we aren’t completely sure on that. But, hey Genny, leave us a comment below and let us know where you born. Please and thank you!

Who Does Genny Model For?

One of Genevieve Shawcross’ main brands that she works for right now is Ignite. We’ve talked about a TON of other Ignite models on here, including Katie Bell, and Desiree Schlotz.

It doesn’t look like she’s modeling for any other brands, but we’ll keep our eyes peeled for any other companies she starts modeling for.

Genevieve Shawcross

What Social Media Platforms is She on?

So she’s obviously on Instagram, which you can check out here. But besides that, we don’t see any other social media accounts for her, at least any that are public and you’d want to check out.

It should be noted that she, as well as the other Ignite models, can be also be found on Dan Bilzerian’s Instagram account, and the Ignite Models Instagram account.

BTW… Genny’s a Huge Ariana Fan

We just thought we put that out there. We saw from another online source that Genevieve Shawcross has “met” Ariana, but we didn’t see any of her meeting one on one. We did see, however, an Instagram video of getting pretty close to the pop sensation. Check it out below:

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