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Hinge vs Bumble – Which One Is Better?

hinge vs bumble

Hinge vs Bumble

Online dating is all the rage in 2019. With so many options available, it can be hard to figure out which one is the best one for you. There’s always the option of trying out all of them at once, but that can be time-consuming. Hinge and Bumble are two dating apps that we feel fall into the same category – as they share more commonality with one another then they do to Tinder or Coffee Meets Bagel. In this article, we’ll compare Hinge vs Bumble and let you know which one we feel is the best bang for your buck.

On Hinge Anybody Can Message First
On Bumble, Ladies Go First

When comparing Hinge vs Bumble, most of you are already aware of the fact that you can’t message girls first on Bumble. So why is this is an issue? On dating apps, men outnumber the number of women. The girl you’re talking to might be talking to twice or even three times the number of people you are.

There are instances where a girl may match with you, be interested, but just have way too many other things going on to message you.

But what about the extend feature?

If you’re not aware, Bumble has an extend feature that is apart of their premium, where you can extend a match 24 hours. Sure, this is definitely useful when it comes to getting on a gal’s radar again, but why do you have to pay extra for this? On Hinge, you can message first, and you can ensure you’re giving yourself the best chance.

Hinge & Bumble Both A Have A Detailed Profile Section

This used to give Hinge the upper hand because it allowed you to get intimate details about the person you matched with. This included their height, age, religion, ect. They also had a question and answer section, so you could get to know a person’s personality better.

Well, Bumble caught glimpse of this feature and decided to add it, so in reality, both of the dating apps are pretty equal when it comes to profile features.

Hinge No Longer Requires First and Last Name

It used to be that one thing that people disliked about Hinge was that it required you to have both your first and last name. Not any longer. Although when you first make your account, it asks for your full name. You can now go into your profile and remove your last name if you please.

Hinge Is Getting More Popular & Has A Better Reputation

The Hinge vs Bumble debate definitely will be getting a little heated. As of the writing of this article (4/13/19), it’s our belief that Hinge has a better reputation in the dating community than Bumble. This is due to Hinge’s marketing campaign to lament themselves as the “Dating App that is meant to be deleted.”

This isn’t just our opinion. Looking at the google trends, Bumble has stayed at around the 75 mark in the past year, whereas Hinge has jumped from 25 to 50. It’s estimated in the next month, it’ll reach the 75 mark as well.

hinge vs bumble
hinge vs bumble

Location Will Always Matter

While we’re on the topic of amount of users, it should be noted that depending on your location, one of the apps may have more users than the other. So just because overall the trend for HInge is on the increase, that does not mean it’ll be better for where you live.

Hinge vs Bumble: Which One Is Better?

Hinge, Hinge, Hinge.

Hinge allows guys to message first, gives you all the fun profile features, no longer requires your last name, and has a userbase that is increasing. If you ever decide you want to get their premium version, the pricing is much more competitive (and they have a feature where they’ll help you with your profile.)

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