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Horoscope Love Match: What Your Zodiac Signs are Saying

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Even if you’ve done everything right – from learning about how to become more attractive, to wearing the latest fashion trends – your love life might be out of your control. In the flashbang of dating apps and the smoke and mirrors of online compatibility tests, sometimes we need a little ancient wisdom for our romance.

Your sun sign is determined by the position of the sun and earth on the day you were born–whatever constellation is behind the sun on the day you were born is the sun sign that helps determine your fate and personality. Every sun sign has a variety of strengths and weaknesses that are expressed differently when the person is emotionally healthy and unhealthy.

Let’s take a look at how sun signs express themselves in relationships as healthy and unhealthy partners, and at which signs are compatibility. Each sun sign is represented by one of the four elements–earth, wind, fire, and water. A horoscope love match pairs the elements to themselves. Fire is most compatible with fire, earth with earth. But fire-wind and earth-water are also fairly compatible.

Horoscope Love Match: The Zodiac Signs

Aries (Fire): March 21 – April 19

The constellation of Aries is the sign of the ram. In friendships, they have a great vision and passion and can get others involved in projects that they love. As healthy romantic partners, they make your relationship one of their many passion projects, using courage and determination to see it to completion. When unhealthy, their passion becomes a frustrated insecurity, and they become moody.

Aries Most Compatible

  • Leo – a fiery match, focused on social politics and world goals
  • Sagittarius – incredible vision, could build a company together

Aries Least Compatible

  • Virgo – the energy of Aries clashes with Virgo’s gentleness
  • Pisces – where Aries focuses on completion, while Pisces loves the journey

Taurus (Earth): April 20 – May 20

Taurus, the sign of the bull, is a reliable and stable personality. Taurus signs make amazing friends who are endlessly devoted and responsible. When emotionally healthy, Taurus exemplify a practical life marked by stability without boredom. They know how to use repetition without monotony to craft a stable and enjoyable life for themselves. An unhealthy Taurus, however, loses their confidence and becomes stubborn. Stability turns into a possessive desire to control the other person in the relationship.

Taurus Most Compatible

  • Taurus – when in relationships with themselves, Taurus can help each other build a system that sustains the relationship over time.
  • Virgo – the gentleness of Virgo and the tenacity of Taurus make for a lowkey, fun relationship.
  • Capricorn – the intelligence of Capricorn mixes well with the practicality of Taurus.

Taurus Least Compatible

  • Gemini – where Taurus love systems and repetition, Gemini thrive on dynamic change and adaptability.
  • Sagittarius – where Taurus is well rounded and practical, Sagittarius can be single-minded and idealistic.

Gemini (Air): May 21 – June 20

Gemini is the sign of twins, the vibrant and dynamic sun sign which is marked with incredible adaptability. Gemini are excellent at mirroring and communicating in friendships. When healthy, Gemini make curious partners who are always interested in learning more about you to better relate to you. They are affectionate and responsive, paying careful attention to your moods. When Gemini become insecure and unhealthy in relationships, they stop acting with confidence. Their adaptability becomes a wavering nervousness, and they become unsure of themselves, their affections, and their actions.

Gemini Most Compatible

  • Gemini – when Gemini are romantic with Gemini, the result is a highly playful relationship that is fun to be around and marked with emotional depth.
  • Libra – the justice and objectivity of Libra can temper the flightiness of Gemini, while the explosiveness of Gemini can draw out Libra to express themselves.
  • Aquarius – the Gemini/Aquarius combination brings together two strange personalities to create a team dedicated to weird-love.

Gemini Least Compatible

  • Taurus – the grounding and toughness of Taurus can bore Gemini, while Gemini’s flightiness confuses Taurus.
  • Cancer – the water element in Cancer makes it more stable than Gemini.
  • Scorpio – the depth and intensity of Scorpio’s affection will shut down Gemini, while Gemini’s superficiality can frustrate Scorpio.
  • Pisces – while Pisces is marked by artistic pursuit, Gemini is more bohemian and free flowing.

Cancer (Water): June 21 – July 22

Cancer is the sign of the crab, a crustacean which is tough and tenacious. In friendships, Cancers are incredibly powerful friends who will use their persuasive skills and perseverant attitude to remain loyal to you in any circumstances. As emotionally healthy partners, they are imaginative and great leaders, taking the lead in the relationship to expand the horizons of intimacy and love. When Cancers are unhealthy in relationships, however, they become manipulative. Instead of trusting you to work with you to get what they want, they become suspicious of your love and manipulate you to get what they want.

Cancer Most Compatible

  • Cancer – two Cancers will validate each other’s feelings and create a loyal relationship where both partners feel safe and heard.
  • Scorpio – Cancer can provide the loyalty and imagination and emotional depth that Scorpio needs, while Scorpio will make Cancer feel validated and help them avoid manipulative tendencies.
  • Pisces – the toughness of a Cancer encourages Pisces to pursue artistic goals, while the affection of Pisces overcomes Cancer’s insecurity.

Cancer Least Compatible

  • Gemini – the Gemini energy is too weird for Cancer to enjoy, and they will misinterpret the dynamism as a lack of loyalty, sending them into manipulative tendencies.
  • Libra – the Libra pays attention to the justice of the group while Cancer will fight tooth and nail for the justice of their own friends.

Leo (Fire): July 23 – August 22

Leo’s are lions, in tune with the drama and the politics of their social circles. In friendships, Leo’s use their political influence to be generous and humorous, bringing up their friends’ energy. When in healthy relationships, Leo’s shine as incredibly passionate and creative lovers who use their gifts in both private and public spheres. Their humor makes you laugh on a rainy day, and their cheerful heart makes you comfortable on a sunny day. When unhealthy in relationships, Leo’s think that they’re better than you and become arrogant, seeking their own way. Their pride tells them that they don’t have to try hard in the relationship because they’re already so great, so they become lazy, not paying attention to you and your needs.

Leo Most Compatible

  • Aries – the fire of Aries and political power of Leo’s make an explosive match
  • Leo – together, Leo’s are like political alliances, ready to take on the world.
  • Sagittarius – when the vision and forward thinking of Sagittarius meets the determination and influence of Leo, policy gets passed and startups get funded.

Leo Least Compatible

  • Virgo – the gentle demeanor and small world of the Virgo is not compatible with the wide vision and overbearing control of the Leo.

Virgo (Earth): August 23 – September 22

Virgo is the sign of, wait for it, the virgin. Virgo’s make great friends who care deeply about your soul and wellbeing and have the intelligence and kindness to help you improve. In relationships, when healthy, Virgo’s make intelligent partners who will work hard to analyze the relationship and help it improve. Their loyalty makes them trustworthy, and their hardworking, practical mindset is tempered with a perceptive mind and curious heart. When unhealthy in relationships, Virgo’s lose their confidence and their analytical mindset becomes a critical, cynical outlook. They become moody and passive-aggressive, unable to have fun and resenting you for having fun. Shyness and worry take over their disposition, and they begin to spiral.

Virgo Most Compatible

  • Taurus – the Taurus energy gives Virgo the stability they need to flourish.
  • Virgo – two Virgos are often found in the back of a bookstore, reading poetry together.
  • Capricorn – the Capricorn can provide the leadership and kindness that Virgo’s need to flourish.

Virgo Least Compatible

  • Aries – the fire of Aries will overpower Virgo.
  • Leo – while Virgo’s are content and love their small world, Leo’s are expansionary and ill-content.
  • Sagittarius – while Virgo’s notice the details of the present, Sagittarius focus on the possibilities of the future.

Libra (Air): September 23 – October 22

Libra is not marked by an animal, but by a set of scales signaling measurement and justice. In friendships, Libra work hard for the social cohesion of groups, helping everyone find their place and find their voice. As healthy romantic partners, Libra are incredibly objective and navigate the relationship with great instincts for diplomacy and tact. Libra can diffuse your anger, bring up your bad moods, and accelerate your good moods. Their cooperation makes them wonderful partners to build a relationship with in social settings. When unhealthy, Libra lose their identity as politicians and judges, and become indecisive and moody. They withdraw and stop seeking to help run social situations, and will shut down at the slightest confrontation. Their objectivity becomes their curse, and they remember every slight and carry grudges with an air of victimization.

Libra Most Compatible

  • Gemini – when the justice of Libra meets the dynamism of Gemini, a relationship marked by powerful objectivity and caring subjectivity is formed.
  • Libra – both partners in a Libra-Libra relationship will give fair treatment and listen well.
  • Aquarius – when the power and vision of Aquarius meets the rhetoric of Libra, the two can form a power couple that makes friends easily.

Libra Least Compatible

  • Cancer – where Cancer shows an intense loyalty to friends, Libra wants all people to receive fair treatment.

Scorpio (Water): October 23 – November 21

Scorpio’s are marked by the sign of the scorpion, carrying a deep and yet sometimes venomous energy. Scorpio is also my own sun sign, so I feel extra qualified to speak about this one! In friendships, Scorpios can be deep and resourceful, seeking to intensify friendships with powerful events and lasting memories. When healthy in relationships, they are resourceful and passionate, using all of their gifts and abilities to bend the relationship into deeper and deeper forms. They add color with their stubborn personality, manifest as an intense loyalty and bravery to overcome obstacles and opponents. When unhealthy, however, they become insecure and distrusting. They judge that their bonds in the relationship are not deep enough and so they become jealous, causing them to withdraw their own emotional life into secrets and half-truths.

Scorpio Most Compatible

  • Cancer – Cancer’s ability to manipulate the world for their own ends excites the depth of Scorpio’s energy.
  • Scorpio – two Scorpio’s can develop a deep and intimate relationship by focusing on great memories and meaningful moments.
  • Pisces – the emotional intensity of Scorpio nuances the artistic ability of Pisces.

Scorpio Least Compatible

  • Gemini – Scoripio tend to see Gemini as superficial, and Gemini look at Scorpio as too intense and disconnected.

Sagittarius (Fire): November 22 – December 21

Sagittarius is the sign of the archer, aimed at the future with great ideals and optimistic energy. In friendships, the Sagittarius can cast great vision with a sense of humor and unwavering idealism that sees nothing but success in the future. As a healthy romantic partner, Sagittarius energy brings that fairytale eternal love attitude to the relationship, willing to work through anything with a generosity that overlooks warning signs and incompatibility. A sense of humor keeps you laughing, and a great imagination keeps you dreaming. When they become unhealthy, however, Sagittarius lean into that fire element energy and become unstable and impatient. They begin to make promises that are disconnected from reality and begin to speak their mind even when the optimism is gone.

Sagittarius Most Compatible

  • Aries – while Sagittarius brings focus and dreams, Aries brings the toughness to make those dreams reality.
  • Leo – the long term ambition of Sagittarius excites Leo, while the possibility of Leo show Sagittarius how to dream more accurately.
  • Sagittarius – two Sagittarius can happily live in a fairytale and imagination together.

Sagittarius Least Compatible

  • Taurus – Taurus is too practical, Sagittarius too idealistic.
  • Virgo – the small world of Virgo confuses Sagittarius.
  • Capricorn – the micromanagement of Capricorn will frustrate Sagittarius.

Capricorn (Earth): December 22 – January 19

Capricorn, marked by the stable earth element, is the sign of the goat. They make great friends who are disciplined and self-controlled, reliable and intelligent. In a healthy romantic relationship, Capricorn emerges as a powerful soul-mate who can manage and command the world on your behalf and on behalf of your relationship. Once Capricorn defines a goal, they pursue it with incredible focus and desire. As a lover, they use structure to create a relationship flow that is built to last. Once they become unhealthy, however, Capricorn’s romance becomes unforgiving and pessimistic. If the structures begin to fail, they can withdraw using their arrogance and intelligence to blame others. A lack of imagination leads them to expect poor relationship trajectories to continue indefinitely.

Capricorn Most Compatible

  • Taurus – the management of Capricorn plays well with the systems of Taurus.
  • Virgo – Virgo appreciates the leadership of Capricorn.
  • Capricorn – two Capricorns have a focus and desire that will spark an incredible romantic relationship.

Capricorn Least Compatible

  • Sagittarius – the unreality of Sagittarius’ dreams will confuse and annoy Capricorn.

Aquarius (Air): January 20 – February 18

Aquarius is an air element, but it’s the sign of the water-bearer, combining nods to two powerful elements. Aquarius can be a godlike friend, as a confident, independent person who sees the whole of humanity and works for its good. In healthy relationships, they are excellent at redefining broken family patterns and creating progressive structures that help the two of you flourish. Their cosmopolitan tendencies make them excellent public figures to date, great with your friends and your family. If Aquarius becomes unhealthy, however, they will flee the minimal bit of emotional expression and passion that they once had, becoming cold and distant. They will still be confident and independent, but to you, they are uncompromising and unstable.

Aquarius Most Compatible

  • Gemini – where Gemini is a manic-pixie personality, Aquarius is dynamic in their personal growth.
  • Libra – the justice of Libra excites the humanitarian tendencies of Aquarius.
  • Aquarius – two Aquarius will happily focus on the rest of the world with their romance.

Aquarius Least Compatible

  • N/A – while Aquarius is no easy partner, they don’t have an especially bad horoscope love match.

Pisces (Water): February 19 – March 20

Pisces is the most traditionally artistic energy, the sign of the fish. In friendships they are created and activity-oriented, enjoying sports and music with a gentle spirit. As a healthy romantic partner, you can count on Pisces to show great compassion and wisdom. They love with reckless abandon, using their artistic gifts to impress you and win your affection. When they become unhealthy in relationships, they become sad and fearful, using their art to escape reality instead of to redefine it.

Pisces Most Compatible

  • Cancer – the artistic gifts of Pisces play well with Cancer’s management and systems.
  • Scorpio – the muse in Scorpio excites Pisces.
  • Pisces – two Pisces can be found purchasing art supplies, renovating their kitchen, and learning to cook together.

Pisces Least Compatible

  • Aries – the intensity and passion of Aries will confuse Pisces, who can prefer art to people.
  • Gemini – Gemini’s dynamism makes them love a new thing every day, whereas Pisces will develop a set of skills for life.

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