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How to Become More Stylish: Five Easy Steps

How to Become More Stylish

Being stylish isn’t hard, but – for whatever reason – most guys can’t seem to do it. Maybe it’s because of the information overload with technology being so reachable. Or, maybe guys just don’t realize all the benefits that becoming more stylish has to offer. If you fall under the category of needing some style tips, we’ve laid out five steps on how to become more stylish. But beware, after reading this article, you’ll no longer have any excuses if your style-game falls short.

How to Become More Stylish

Keep Up With the Latest Fashion Trends – Or At Least Try To

Keeping up with the latest fashion trends is one of the first things you can do when learning how to become more stylish. Because trends change so often, don’t worry about picking up every single trending clothing item. Instead, learn about the most popular fashion trends, and also the trends that are no longer in style. Then, head to your local Zara or H&M and try to emulate some of these looks.

How to Become More Stylish
You don’t need to become a runway fashion model. But, by learning about the latest fashion trends, and buying from stores like Zara or H&M, you can create wardrobe-changing looks.

Make Your Shoe Game a Priority

A lot of guys overlook shoes, and I’m not quite sure why. In a lot of surveys, it’s been shown that shoes are one of the first things women look at.

No, you don’t have to become a complete sneakerhead, but understanding the basics when learning how to become more stylish is a must. These basics include:

  • Keeping your shoes clean
  • Wearing shoes that match
  • Knowing when to throw shoes away

Once you get the basics down, then you can start getting flashier. But for now, just follow those three things when it comes to shoes.

Don’t Be Scared of Designer Brands

We get it. Gucci, Burberry, or other designer brands aren’t cheap. But having a couple of designer items in your wardrobe can add much-needed flair. You can also save a lot of money by skipping the retail stores and purchasing from an online designer discount store, such as SSENSE.

Wear Clothes That Match Your Complexion

We talk about this extensively in our Right Colors for Your Skin Tone guide, so we aren’t going to go overboard with this concept here. Just realize that certain colors will look better, depending on what your complexion is. By making sure the majority of your wardrobe consists of these colors, you’ll make yourself look better and also be more stylish.

Always Smell Good

Smelling good is essential. And we’re not just talking about the basics like taking a shower and wearing deodorant (which I REALLY hope you’re already doing.)

We’re talking about wearing great-smelling colognes. We have a full review of some of the most affordable and great smelling colognes that you can find here.

How to Become More Stylish Bonus Tip: Accessorize

Fashion accessories, such as watches, bracelets, and necklaces can take your style to the next level when learning how to become more stylish. One of the biggest keys to wearing fashion accessories are:

  • Make sure they match the look of your outfit
  • In the beginning, stick to one or two accessories maximum, per outfit

How to Become More Stylish Bonus Tip #2: Know How to Spot Fads

Do you remember rompers? If you don’t… GOOD. If you do, don’t you dare think about wearing them? They are NOT fashionable anymore.

The way to avoid fads is to learn to spot extreme anomalies. When you see a new fashionable outfit that is extremely out there, or that everybody just starts talking about, understand that chances are this outfit will go out of style quickly.

That’s not to say that you can’t buy a fad fashion item. Just realize that fashion trends are cyclical. So, something like varsity jackets might be a solid wardrobe addition now, but might not be a few months from now.

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