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How to Stand Out in the Crowd for the Right Reasons

How to Stand Out in the Crowd for the Right Reasons

Summer is approaching, the weather’s getting warmer, and it‘s time to be social. Chances are, you’ll hit the boys up, go into town, and maybe run into some single ladies. You’ll be hoping that throughout the night others notice you. 

But here’s the thing. Attention goes both ways. You’ll be getting plenty of stares if you look like you just woke up, forgot to shower, and threw on whatever was clean. But you don‘t want to be that guy. 

You want to be the guy people are talking about because your style‘s on point, not because they‘re laughing at your appearance. This guide will not only help you get through the bare minimum hygiene basics, but it’ll help you incorporate some serious style and make you stand out for the right reasons. You‘re welcome. 

Wear Clothes that Fit

Unless you’re going for that Bohemian Buddhist look that gives the “I’m one with nature” vibe, your clothes should fit. Don’t be wearing apparel loose enough to get caught on something and reveal a nip. 

And let me backtrack a little; If the Bohemian thing is your vibe, and that’s your scene, by all means, wear something loose and pajama-like. We envy guys like you who make it look effortless and can pull it off. But for the rest of us, wear your size.

Avoid baggy clothes like this – please.

If you’re round, don‘t wear tight items. If you’re big and muscular, stay away from the fishnet tank top. If you’re long and skinny, go home and go to sleep.

But seriously, learn your body type, learn what works, and stick to it. 

Ditch the Loud Colors and Labels 

Peacocking – or wearing obnoxious clothes to stand out – was cute when you were 17. But you‘re an adult now and walking around looking like a skittles rainbow just makes you look insecure. If you put on something that fits with a decent matching color scheme, you’ll still be able to get what you’re seeking, without the negative connotation. 

It’s also not about labels anymore. Large expensive brand names plastered on your shirt can work sometimes, but it mostly just looks tacky. 

Keep Your Shoe Game on Point

Make sure your shoes are decent. You don’t have to wait in line for sneakers that cost roughly half of what your check was Friday. Find a decent, affordable pair you can move in, are clean and comfortable, and won‘t give you the “I stomp boulders for a living“ look. 

Try to keep your kicks cleaned too. If you‘re a fan of lighter color shoes, they collect dirt and grime and can look old in the blink of an eye. Investing in a shoe cleaner and giving them a good scrub here and there can help prolong their use and save you some cash. 

Wear Lighter Cologne

This might seem counterintuitive. We’re talking about standing out in the crowd and telling you to wear lighter cologne. Thing is most guys out either spray on cologne like it’s their last day on earth or wear the strongest stuff around. The key is to spray a small amount directly on and stick to lighter fragrances. This will differentiate you from others and keep you smelling fantastic when people are near. 

One of the best natural smelling colognes out there is a natural spray made by Versace.

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Speak With Confidence, Make Eye Contact, Don’t Slouch

It’s not just about looking good, but also about how you present yourself. The way you speak and interact with people can also help you stand out. If you’re engaging with another person, and they’re slouched and not looking you in the eye, what does that telegraph to you? What about, a person who makes strong eye contact stands up straight and speaks with confidence? Great looking clothes are nothing if the way you carry yourself is lacking.

Stand Out for the Right Reasons

Looking your best and carrying yourself with high regards are sure-fire ways to help you stand out in the crowd for the right reasons.

About the Author: Xavier Fletcher

Xavier is a contributing writer for Gemsman, a web developer, an artisan, and a personal trainer. After spending several years training clients, Xavier moved on to a leadership role in a transportation company where he doubled as a trainer and restructuring specialist. In his spare time, Xavier reads, exercises, meditates and shares experiences through his personal blog.