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If You’re Not Following Ally Besse, You’re Doing Life Wrong

Ally Besse, or the artist formerly known as AllyFitFreak, is an influencer that has been making a serious dent in the fitness scene. She currently boasts over 100,000 followers on Instagram, 30,000 subscribers on Youtube and 3,000 followers on Twitter.

But what is Ally Besse all about? What brands is she involved in? And why has she seen such an increase in popularity in 2019?

Ally Besse – What We Know

How Old is Ally Besse?

Ally is 23 years old,

Where Was Ally Besse Born?

Ally was born in Saint Barthélemy-so she’s fluent in French.

Where Did Ally Besse Go to School?

Ally Besse is a recent graduate of the University of Florida with a degree in Paleoanthropology (or something along those lines.)

Does She Have Her Own Clothing or Supplement Line?

Although Ally does not have her own supplement or clothing line, she is heavily involved in Ghost Lifestyle (supplement company) and Alphalete (clothing brand.)

What We Don’t Know

We’re not exactly sure how Ally got her first big break on Instagram. Looking back in her timeline, her earlier photos date back to 2014, and she has some photos with the Alphalete crew in 2017. It seems like her Instagram picked up steam sometime in 2015, and she became an Alphalete athlete soon after. And the rest is history. 😉

As for her Youtube channel, the oldest video was posted in 2018, so it’s obvious she created her channel after she had gotten enough traction on Instagram.

In late 2018, and early 2019, things really started to pick up

Let’s first make something absolutely clear. Ally Besse has been working her butt off, juggling finishing off her graduate studies while running her social media and putting out great content. She’s an embodiment of someone who put in the hard work and is reaping the rewards. With that said, there were some outside publicity that did help her gain some traction in late 2018 and 2019.

Part of this had to do with her having more exposure to her brands. The other part had to do with her involvement with fellow fitness celebrity Maxx Chewning, and Maxx showcasing her on his social media platforms.

Is Ally Besse Dating Maxx Chewning?


But Seriously, Is Ally Besse Dating Maxx Chewning?

From everything that’s been said on social media, it seems like Ally and Maxx are just friends. Ally has also gone onto her Youtube channel to dispel rumors about her relationships, stating she was in a period of transition in her life where being single is the best thing for her.

On her Instagram, there’s only one photo of Ally and Maxx and, they honestly aren’t giving off any couple vibes here.

Ally Besse and Maxx Chewning

It should be noted, that on Maxx’s Instagram, he does have more photos of him and Ally, but he has also gone on record to say they are only friends.

UPDATE: Ally recently posted the following photo on her Instagram with Maxx in it.

This definitely gives us more of the “we’re just friends” vibe, but we’ll be keeping an eye on Ally’s social media to see if anything changes.

Where to Follow

Looks and fitness aside, Ally Besse is an entertaining person to follow. Whether it’s through her Instagram posts, stories or on Youtube, she always has some interesting content that’s worth the watch. Check her out on her social media accounts:


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