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Katie Bell and Ignite Are Taking over the World

Katie Bell

Six months ago, you’d be hard-pressed to find anybody who knew who Katie Bell was. But now, she’s become one of the hottest Instagram models in the game. How did Katie Bell get so big in such a little time? And what are her connections to Ignite, Dan Bilzerian, and the Nelk Boys?

But before I answer those questions… let’s examine some photos of Katie Bell. For “educational purposes” of course. 😉

Who is Katie Bell?

Katie Bell is an Instagram Model and a spokesperson/brand ambassador for Dan Bilzerian’s brand Ignite. She also works with Knock Out Watches and Full Send.

Looking at just her Instagram, you can tell that Katie’s main gig is working with Dan and Ignite. But who knows what other big plans she has in store.

How Old is Katie Bell?

Katie Bell is 24-year-old and was born in Florida. Her birth date is on March 30, 1995, which makes her an Aries.

Heck yeah, Katie… I’m an Aries too! #NotThirstyAtAll

Is Katie Bell Dating Dan Bilzerian?

It was Dan Bilzerian who first discovered Katie. Katie actually went into depth about this in a post she made in July of 2019, where she talked about how bad of a position she was in, before she met Dan.

Katie Bell

Now, I can’t say she’s “dating” Dan since Dan is always seen with hundreds of other girls. But she used to be one of the main girls on Dan’s Instagram account. And, the fact that she made a post like that, shows that she and Dan are still close, even if they aren’t dating.

Katie Bell and Ignite

Like we said above, she’s involved in the brand heavily. A lot of her Instagram stories have involved the brand too.

Katie Bell


Is She A Part of Nelk?

Katie Bell has been seen in videos and photographs with the whole Nelk Boys crew (including 905Shooter and Stevewilldoit.) In some of Nelk’s promotional videos they have done for their Full Send line, Katie has also helped with modeling their stuff.

I wouldn’t go as far to say she’s a part of Nelk since she isn’t in all of their videos. But you can definitely tell that they’re good friends.

What is Katie Bell’s Height?

Katie Bell is 5’10

Who Else Is She Connected To?

Somebody on my Twitter page mentioned Katie Bell having something to do with Call Her Daddy, but I literally found zero connection between the two. The only thing I found was an old Barstools Sports article about Katie that included a bunch of her Instagram photos.

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