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Lauren Love – How This Video Put Her in Some Hot Water

Lauren Love is a fashion, beauty and lifestyle Youtuber who has garnered national attention for a CEO firing prank that went terribly wrong.

In the since-deleted prank video, Lauren is seen telling unsuspecting Walmart employees that they have been fired due to poor performance. Although some of the employees found humor in the prank, there were a couple who were more than distraught after the encounter.

When did Lauren Love Get Started?

Lauren Loved started posting Youtube videos in March of 2018. The earliest video uploaded to her channel vlogs her trip to a salon to get a new hair style. Most of her other videos also revolved around beauty and fashion. It wasn’t until late November of 2018 that she began doing Youtube pranks.

Her first prank video involved Lauren Love going to people in Walmart and asking them if her “butt was big.” She then followed that up with a video of her going into fast food drive-thrus and itching herself.

Lauren Isn’t the Only Person Who Has Done the CEO Firing Prank

Lauren Love might be getting a lot of backlash now, but she isn’t the first person who has done this type of prank, nor the last. Cassady Campbell, another popular Youtuber, has also done multiple firing prank videos. Similar to Lauren’s video, after he told the worker it was a joke, he would give them some type of monetary gift.

Will This End Her Career?

There’s been plenty of other YouTubers who have had their careers halted due to controversy. In Lauren’s case, she only had around 100,000 followers before the controversy begin. So, chances are, this bad publicity might actually help her in the long run.

Only time can tell what will happen with Lauren’s career. In the meantime, chances are we won’t be seeing many Youtubers trying to pull this style of prank anytime soon.

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