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Leidy Labrador Is Definitely on the Come Up – Here’s Why

leidy labrador

Leidy Labrador, or Leidy Amelia Labrador if we want to get all technical, has been garnering a lot of buzz after Dan Bilzerian featured her in of his latest Instagram posts. But besides this feature, what else can we tell about this stunning model? Let’s get into the details. But as usual… let’s take a closer look at Leidy, for “educational purposes.”

How Old is Leidy Labrador?

Leidy Labrado was born on September 10th, 1994, which makes her 25 years old and a Virgo.

How did Leidy Get Started in Modeling?

From some of her earlier photos on Instagram and Facebook, it’s clear Leidy has been modeling for a long time.

In 2017, she posted on her Facebook how she was introduced to a system that allowed her to make money off the purchases of common-day items. She didn’t specify what the “system” was, so we’re not sure what company she was working for, but you can see the FB post for yourself below:

Leidy Labrador

Leidy Labrador and Ignite

The first time we saw Leidy rocking any sort of Ignite gear was back in early July when she posted the following photo of her in an Ignite bikini (she also was advertising for Knockout Watches too.)

Leidy Labrador isn’t the first model we’ve talked about here on Gemsman who has ties with Dan Bilzerian. Katie Bell is another popular model with ties with Dan and Ignite. Just like Katie, Leidy also works with Ignite and Knockout Watches.

What’s Leidy Labrador’s Nationality?

Leidy Labrador is Cuban. Although she doesn’t publicly talk about it on Instagram, on her Facebook account, she has posted before about. Additionally, one of her cousins currently lives in Cuba.

Was She Born in Cuba?

It’s not known whether she was born in the United States, Europe or in Cuba. If you have any ideas, be sure to let us know in the comment section below. Please and thank you!

What Are Leidy’s Instagram Account?

You can follow Leidy on her Instagram account: @ leidywho

Her Facebook account can be found here, although we aren’t sure if it’s active (and chances are she’s probably not going to be accepting your friend request.)

We also don’t believe she is on Twitter (all the other accounts with her name were middle-aged women.)

Is She On Youtube?

We found a Youtube account that has Leidy’s name attached to it, but there aren’t really any videos on the account. So although she’s “on” Youtube, she isn’t active at the moment. But who knows, maybe things will change?

Who Else is She Connected To?

Leidy Labrador has been seen in Instagram photos with fellow models Katie Bell, Cindy Prado, Desiree Schlotz, Genevieve Shawcross, and Alexis Michaud.

Is Leidy Labrador Her Real Name?

Although it might seem like a manufactured name (like some models do to make themselves more brandable), it seems like Leidy is 100% her real name.

What’s In Store for Leidy?

We’re not sure how much farther Leidy is going to go in the ranks of Ignite, but chances are, her career is just starting. We’re excited to see what other things Leidy has in store for 2020 and beyond.

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