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No, Giannis Did NOT Disrespect Marcus Smart

A viral video has been going around the internet of a reporter asking Giannis Antetokounmpo about Marcus Smart’s impact on the game 4 of the Celtics-Buck matchup. If you aren’t aware, Marcus Smart has been sidelined since April 7th when he suffered an oblique tear.

Pretty funny right? Giannis looks at the stat sheet, looks up and gives a look of somebody mocking the performance of Smart. Right off the back, if you’ve followed Giannis for any small amount of time during his NBA journey, you’ll know right away that this was unlike his character.

Luckily, somebody replied to the tweet with the full question and answer session, to show you what really went down.

As you can see, Giannis was genuinely interested in seeing exactly the stats that Smart put up before answering reporters.

Don’t trust everything you see on the interwebs folks. It’s incredibly easy to manipulate things to your liking.

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