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Not Fake News: Dollar General Launches Makeup Brand Called Believe Beauty

Dollar General Launches Makeup Line

Yep, you heard right. Dollar General just announced the launch of a makeup line they’re calling Believe Beauty.

The line is set to feature over 150 items including foundation, eyeshadow, concealer, lipstick and even fake lashes.

Not only that, but there’s nothing in this makeup line that will cost more than $5 dollars.

Dollar General’s line of makeup products

Hearing that a dollar store is releasing cosmetic products might seem like a shock at first, but if you’ve done any sort of research on the company, you’ll see it fits in well with their business plans.

Dollar General is one of the most profitable businesses in the United States. in 2017 alone, the company racked in a whopping 21 billion in revenue. With 15,000 stores currently in the market and much more on the way, Dollar General continues to grow its brand.

It’s not all good publicity for the company, however. HBO on Vice released a video in April of 2018 discussing how Dollar General is putting local stores out of business.

But anyway fellas, if you’re looking to get that significant other in your life some cosmetics, it might be worth checking out your local Dollar General before spending some serious dough over at Sephora.

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