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Partner Exercises to Get You Both in Shape

Best Couples Workout

Why workout by yourself when you and your partner can workout together? Not only does this give you somebody to make you accountable, but it can add some fun bonding time to the mix as well. Here are some partner exercises that are sure to turn you into #FitCoupleGoals.

Back to Back Wall Sit

Partner Exercises

Why put your back against a wall when you can go back to back with your partner? This partner exercise is a great thigh-burner that you and your partner can do together. Simply stand back to back and press into each other to lower yourselves into a wall sit, back to back.

You’re guaranteed to press for longer with the threat of dropping your partner, encouraging both of you to push your workout to the max! And when one of you does drop and you spill onto the floor in a pile, well that’s just good sweaty fun.


Partner Exercises

Most commonly called just “Acro,” this partner exercise is a two-person workout combining yoga and acrobatics. There’s a lot of great yoga poses you can do by yourself to build strength and flexibility–but if you’ve got a second person, try building a yoga routine involving traditional yoga poses and acroyoga poses.

Acroyoga poses leverage an extra body to build strength and pull for flexibility. You can find hundreds of acroyoga poses on the internet to try out. There are poses that feature a partner suspended in the air, and poses that use tension to stretch out! Start with the easier poses and work up to the poses that look like elaborate Greek statues in a museum.

(Don’t try the acrobatic, flying transitions without a third person functioning as a spotter!)

Wheelbarrow Push-up With Squat

One partner gets into a push-up position, and the other partner squats and picks up their ankles. When you’re in the wheelbarrow position, you’re doing push-ups. When you’re standing and holding the ankles, you’re doing squats.

Coordinate so that the pushups and squats are firing in sync, and you’ve got one of the better partner exercises that will kick both your arms and legs into shape.

Here’s a good example of how to perform one:


Partner Exercises

Now, you may not be interested in getting another sweaty mans gloves pushed up in your face. But couples boxing is a different animal. Buy some cheap boxing gloves, keep it light and fun, and start sparring with each other!

Your soulmate is also your swolemate in couple’s boxing. Have the goal of getting fit together, and have fun learning boxing moves and techniques and trying them out!

Medicine Ball Twist

Wanna crush some abs with your partner? We’ve got you covered. Grab a medicine ball and sit back to back, passing the medicine ball in a complete circle. When you twist and hand the medicine ball off, you’ll need to twist back quickly to match your partner’s pace. Switch directions to get a full ab workout.

Partner Exercises

The partner’s medicine ball twist forces you to reach for and receive the ball, and also move without the ball. The change of weight relaxes and tightens your abs in succession for a more complete workout.

Plank and Lateral Jump

One of the more unique exercises to stay in shape, one person goes into a plank position, and the other person performs lateral jumps over them. The person in plank position needs to hold still while the ground next to them pounds with their partner’s feet, and the jumper needs to really jump to avoid landing on their partner.

Switch places to get a high intensity ab and leg workout combined into a single set.

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