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Top Productivity Apps to Manage Your Time

Productivity Apps

Time can easily pass you by when you’re scrolling through your favorite social media channel. At first, it’s only 8 PM and suddenly, it’s already midnight. I know I am not the only one who has lost track of time when it comes to browsing apps on my phone, right? With the unlimited number of entertaining apps available to us, it is easy to waste time on our smartphones. To minimize the amount of time wasted, I have gathered the top 4 best productivity apps to help you manage your time more efficiently.


Productivity Apps

Let’s start off with my all-time favorite productivity app. Wunderlist has been my go-to for years when it comes to staying on top of my to-do list! One of the ways it helps me stay productive the most is having a visual to-do list where I can check off items once I’ve accomplished them. With Wunderlist, you can make multiple lists. Examples of some of the lists I’ve created are work tasks, shopping lists, and packing lists. I love the feeling of seeing all the items on one of my lists checked off. Another excellent part of Wunderlist is it is free!

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Productivity Apps

If you are looking for a productivity app that you can share with your coworkers or other members of a team, is an excellent option for you. You can create different team projects, list out the task names, assign it to a team member and then also update the status of the task. You can also set up notifications, so you are alerted when a task changes. There’s an inbox, so you can keep each other informed of updates. This app helps not only you stay productive but can help those you work with too. Like Wunderlist, this app is also free!

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It is rare that I pay for an app, mainly due to a large number of free apps available. However, Forest is well worth the $1.99 it costs to download it. There is no other app that has helped me manage the time I spend on my phone like Forest! When you have an important project due and need to focus, you can start your forest. As you keep the app open and don’t mess with your phone, your forest begins to grow. If you close the app, your forest will then disappear. You become hooked on watching your forest grow and don’t want to touch your phone, helping you stay on task for other projects! You can even create groups and have your friends join in! If you have trouble spending too much time on your phone, this app is the way to go.

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Actions by Moleskine

Another rare app that I have purchased to help me stay productive is Actions by Moleskine. This app is $11.99 for a year subscription (which comes out to less than a dollar per month). Like Wunderlist, you can create action items for things that you need to accomplish. The part that sets Actions apart is it will automatically remind you that the tasks need to get done. You can choose when it will remind you (like morning, afternoon or evening). You can color code your action items to keep it organized. The interface is also very clean and calming to look at. To make sure the app is something that will work well for you, there is often a free trial available.

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Taking the time to download productivity apps is an excellent way to begin to manage your time better. You can keep track of the tasks you need to get done, mark them off once you’ve accomplished them and manage the time you spend on your phone.

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