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Summer Guide to Swim Trunks – Available at SSENSE

Summer Guide to Swim Trunks

Summer is finally here, and what better way to celebrate it than going to the beach! But wait, those swim trunks you have balled up in your drawer might not be a good idea – in fact, it’s probably time to find different trunks that match more with today’s trend.

It’s 2019, guys, and let’s face it: the landscape of men’s fashion is changing drastically. So, finding new swimwear isn’t as easy as it seems. 

To help you in your search, we have gathered several of the latest fashion trends in men’s swimwear. Here is our summer guide to swim trunks!

Swim trunks that have bright, pastel colors

Summer guide to Swim Trunks

If you are looking for ways to stand out on the beach or when you’re poolside, you can try wearing swim trunks that are a bright pastel. Pastel colors include light blues, yellows, purples, and pinks, and they are incredibly easy to find. Also, keep in mind, bright pastel colors can also help make your tan pop.

Swimwear that is mid-thigh

Summer Guide to Swim Trunks

Remember those long, baggy swim trunks that have been in your drawer since last year? Yea, those are no longer in style. Swimsuit designers and manufacturers now are making swim trunks that go up to your mid-thigh. This mid-thigh look will give you a much more fitted and slim silhouette.

Boxing style swim trunks with drawstrings

A lot of swimwear you see today may mimic the look of boxing trunks. Boxing trunks typically have an elastic waistband and close with drawstrings in the front. Many swimsuit designers are creating their trunks to have this appearance, and you can get these trunks in a variety of vibrant colors and patterns. This type of swimwear can be worn during any summer activity. 

Swim trunks that have a natural pattern

There’s no harm in adding a little pattern to your wardrobe, especially with your swimwear! When picking out a pattern, you don’t want something that looks too childish. Instead, try to find patterns that have neutral colors with a natural pattern that isn’t too overwhelming on the eyes. Wearing swim trunks that have geometric patterns, or even just stripes, will give you a bolder look. 

Swim trunks that look more like shorts

A growing trend in today’s swimwear is swim trunks that look more like shorts. This classy style will give you a more appealing look, and it’s also pretty versatile. Not only can you wear them to the beach or at the pool, you can also wear them to an outdoor bar. Most of these shorts (if not all) are in solid colors and have a more tailored fit.

Summer Guide to Swim Trunks

Instead of pulling out those old board shorts, you should try any of these looks instead! As we said before, the landscape of men’s fashion is changing drastically. So, don’t just stand there and watch as it happens. Join the trend! We promise that you won’t regret trying any of these styles this summer season.

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