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Desiree Schlotz Is My New Favorite Ignite Girl

Move our Katie Bell, at least for a couple of minutes, because there’s another Ignite model that we need to devote some time to. And that model is none other than Desiree Scholtz. (Or Desi / @desireeschlotz)

Besides being gorgeous, she also has completely enchanted me and has made me want to buy every single Ignite product that will ever be made. GIVE ME YOUR PROMO CODE AND TAKE MY MONEY DESIREE!!!!

How Long Has Desiree Schlotz Been With Ignite?

The first Instagram photo we saw that had Desiree sporting some Ignite lingerie was one she added to her account six months ago (or on February 8th of 2019.)

Desiree Schlotz

However, she hadn’t posted any photo with Dan Bilzerian until recently (on June 19th 2019 to be exact.)

Desiree Schlotz’s Bio

The great thing about Desi is that she has her own website that gives us a decent bio about her modeling career, and some other tidbits about her. Through her website, she talks about what she’s passionate about, the magazines she’s taken a part of, and also the brands she works for. Check out a snippet of this bio below:

Hi Guys! Welcome! This platform is a place for everyone to see my most current portfolio of my modeling career. I am currently living in LA pursing my goals as a model. I also work as a freelance makeup artist in LA. I have a had a history of working in the beauty industry. I have been published in Volo Magazine, Sixty6 Magazine issues 5,6, and 7. Having a high level of engagement on my social media accounts has enabled me to work with brands from all around the world, promoting various fashion/beauty products and shops. I am always looking for new and innovated ways to improve my business/career! Please don’t hesitate to reach out.


Although, her website doesn’t talk about her age, where she was born, where’s from, ect.

How old is Desiree Schlotz?

Desiree Schlotz was born on July 18, 1997. She is currently is 22 years old and resides in Los Angeles California.

What Are Desi’s Social Media Accounts?

We already mentioned Desiree’s Instagram account (@DesireeSchlotz), you can also catch her on Twitter (although she really hasn’t been active on there in a couple of years.)

Not really a social media account, but Desiree does have an active website, where she posts higher resolution modeling images than you might see on Instagram.

Catch Her While You Can

Desiree is definitely making some moves in the model world, so be on the lookout and she continues to gain more partnerships and models for more brands. Desi is definitely much more than just an Instagram model.

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Katie Bell and Ignite Are Taking over the World

Six months ago, you’d be hard-pressed to find anybody who knew who Katie Bell was. But now, she’s become one of the hottest Instagram models in the game. How did Katie Bell get so big in such a little time? And what are her connections to Ignite, Dan Bilzerian, and the Nelk Boys?

But before I answer those questions… let’s examine some photos of Katie Bell. For “educational purposes” of course. 😉

Who is Katie Bell?

Katie Bell is an Instagram Model and a spokesperson/brand ambassador for Dan Bilzerian’s brand Ignite. She also works with Knock Out Watches and Full Send.

Looking at just her Instagram, you can tell that Katie’s main gig is working with Dan and Ignite. But who knows what other big plans she has in store.

How Old is Katie Bell?

Katie Bell is 24-year-old and was born in Florida. Her birth date is on March 30, 1995, which makes her an Aries.

Heck yeah, Katie… I’m an Aries too! #NotThirstyAtAll

Is Katie Bell Dating Dan Bilzerian?

It was Dan Bilzerian who first discovered Katie. Katie actually went into depth about this in a post she made in July of 2019, where she talked about how bad of a position she was in, before she met Dan.

Katie Bell

Now, I can’t say she’s “dating” Dan since Dan is always seen with hundreds of other girls. But she used to be one of the main girls on Dan’s Instagram account. And, the fact that she made a post like that, shows that she and Dan are still close, even if they aren’t dating.

Katie Bell and Ignite

Like we said above, she’s involved in the brand heavily. A lot of her Instagram stories have involved the brand too.

Katie Bell


Is She A Part of Nelk?

Katie Bell has been seen in videos and photographs with the whole Nelk Boys crew (including 905Shooter and Stevewilldoit.) In some of Nelk’s promotional videos they have done for their Full Send line, Katie has also helped with modeling their stuff.

I wouldn’t go as far to say she’s a part of Nelk since she isn’t in all of their videos. But you can definitely tell that they’re good friends.

What is Katie Bell’s Height?

Katie Bell is 5’10

Who Else Is She Connected To?

Somebody on my Twitter page mentioned Katie Bell having something to do with Call Her Daddy, but I literally found zero connection between the two. The only thing I found was an old Barstools Sports article about Katie that included a bunch of her Instagram photos.

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Robinhood Promo Code – How To Redeem Your Free Stock

The Robinhood app has revolutionized the world of stock trading. Never has it been easier and more affordable to test out the stock market. Not only that, but new users of the app are eligible for a free stock if they use a Robinhood promo code. But how exactly do you redeem your free stock? And how can you use Robinhood to make the most out of your stock trading?

Redeem Your Robinhood Free Stock

Robinhood promo code

Click here to redeem your free Robinhood stock. With Robinhood, you get a 1 in 250 chance of redeeming a stock from Apple or Facebook, and a 1 in 150 chance of unlocking a Ford or GE stock.

The nice thing about this Robinhood free stock is that you don’t have to hang on to it if you don’t want to. You can turn around and sell the stock, and get the redeeming amount.

It should be noted, however, that the amount that each stock is worth varies. This means you might get lucky and score a stock worth $20, or stock worth $2.

How to Use Robinhood?

If you’ve never used Robinhood, don’t fret. The app does an incredible job of guiding you on how to add funds and invest. For starters, you must be located in the United States or Australia to use the platform. After downloading, Robinhood requires the following tidbits of info for you to sign up:

  • Email Address
  • Physical Address
  • Social Security Number
  • Employment information
  • Bank Account

You might be surprised at the social security number, but you need to remember the stock market is regulated under the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, who has strict guidelines. Your bank account is also needed and will only be used to withdraw and deposit money from your trades.

Once your signup is complete, you’ll see a screen slightly similiar to this one.

Robinhood free stock

The search button towards the bottom allows you to search for companies to invest in, and the stock market tab is where your current investments show. On my tab, I have $20 invested in Bitcoin, and you can see that the price of it rose by close to 2% on this day.

Robinhood and Stock Nomenclature

To help you navigate the world of stock trading, there are a couple of terms that are used on the Robinhood app that you’d want to get familiar with. They are:

Market Order:

Stop-loss: Stop-loss allows the owner of the stock to sell it at a specific value, to stop the loss of additional value. For example, if you bought $10 worth of stock from Company X, the price of the stock jumped to $20, you can create a stop-loss of $15 to make sure you sell your shares if the company drops

What Stocks Should I Invest In?

Robinhood Free Stock

I’m not a licensed stock broker, so I can’t say what stocks are the best to invest in. However, US News has a great stock market guide with information on what stocks to invest in.

The Robinhood app also has tons of information on the companies you can invest in. They also offer a premium version that gives you a more detailed look into trends (we talk more about this premium feature in the next section. ????)

Is Robinhood Gold Worth it?

Is robinhood gold worth it

I’m a Robinhood Gold user, and I think it’s a great investment – the added trend data and information about companies makes the extra $5/month a no-brainer. However, the premium version isn’t needed and it doesn’t guarantee you’ll make more money. Here’s a breakdown of all the Robinhood Gold features so you can judge for yourself it’s worth it:

  • The Ability to a Larger Instant Deposit
  • Investment Margins
  • Professional Stock Research
  • Nasdaq Research Data

Is there an additional Robinhood Promo Code I can use?

Unfortunately, you can only redeem one free stock using the Robinhood promo code we listed above. However, once you sign up for the app, you then have the ability to invite your friends and will earn one free stock when they sign up. You can invite as many friends as you like, and earn up to $500 in stocks.

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The Best Things to Take Traveling – Our Recommendations

Summer is here, which means vacation time is right around the corner, and travel aficionados everywhere are packing their bags and getting ready to hit the road. You bought your plane tickets and booked your accommodations way in advance but now is the time to consider all the last minute summer travel must-haves that will make your life so much easier.

Wireless Headphones

The Best Things to Take Traveling

There is nothing worse than a long flight next to a crying baby or having to listen to the couple in the row behind you bickering. Noise-canceling wireless headphones are the very best travel must-have for any trip, long or short. Beats wireless headphones are the best brand on the market right now with a 40+ hour battery life, superior sound quality, and amazing noise cancellation. They can also connect to your devices to stream audio tours while site seeing or listening to music while walking around and enjoying the views.

Portable Battery

The Best Things to Take Traveling

You won’t get through your flight without boredom unless you have some entertainment like your phone or a tablet or I-pad; however, watching movies or listening to music and audiobooks can suck your battery dry and most airplanes don’t have charging stations onboard for passengers unless you are in first class. Make sure to pack a portable battery in your personal bag or carry-on so you can extend your battery life easily from anywhere.

Toiletries Bag

Where you are flying or driving it is always essential to pack a toiletries bag for a few days away. Travel size containers are regulated for airlines and buying a toiletries bag with the proper sized containers included is ideal for making sure you make it through TSA. These bags are perfect for light traveling and taking your favorite shampoo, body wash, or lotion with you on vacation. Using a toiletries bag also makes your TSA checks go a lot smoother because they aren’t unpacking your entire bag to check your liquid carry on.

Travel Wallet

When you are traveling you are usually carrying a lot more in your wallets than usual such as multiple forms of currency, hotel key cards, your passport, credit cards you don’t usually use, tickets, receipts, and other important information. A travel wallet is perfect for organizing all the extras, but still keeping the items, you’ll use most handy while still looking stylish and high-quality.

Tech Case

Wrapping up the chargers, power cords, and other wires and shoving them into your travel bag doesn’t work out well for anyone. Tech cases can keep all your cords, extra batteries, earbuds, and chargers organized and in one place to make them more accessible and safe. Some tech cases are big enough to fit an i-pad or tablet, and even a laptop inside with your phone and other devices.

Traveling essentials that you don’t usually think about, such as organizational tools like the tech case or toiletries bag can make or break your vacation. These items will also make your trip easy and convenient, which will make your vacation that much more enjoyable.

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Krystle grew up and still lives in Central Illinois with her husband, three children, and pets. Krystle knew she wanted to be a writer when she won a bookmaking contest in summer daycare when she was 9 years old. After 10+ years in retail management, Krystle took the plunge into writing full time in 2015. She holds down a muggle job as a freelance web content writer, but truly enjoys being a multi-genre author under the name Krystle Able. She also hosts literature-based events in the United States with Spellbinding Events. You can find her books on Amazon:

The Five Best Value Wallets on Amazon

Your wallet may be the most important accessory and tool that you will purchase. It holds some of your most needed items like your debit or credit card, your ID or driver’s license and any cash you may have at the time. There is no moment of panic like when you realize you left your wallet at home, am I right? We have gathered the five best value wallets on Amazon – to make upgrading your wallet game that much easier.

IsLeather RFID Blocking Trifold Wallet

We are going to start off with the wallet that is going to provide the most space and then move down to the more minimalist wallets further on. If you need extra room, this dark brown IsLeather trifold wallet is a great option. It has extra room for all the cards you want to carry, along with even featuring two separate slots for cash. You can easily fit in 50 bills combined. It does have two ID windows and holds 9 other cards. Keep in mind that due to all the space included in this cowhide leather wallet, it will be thicker in size than the minimalist typestyles. You’ll get your needed protection from RFID scanners as well.

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Lavemi RFID Blocking Cowhide Leather Bifold Wallet

Our second option is the traditional bifold wallet. One thing we love about this Lavemi wallet is that it provides you options when it comes to colors. If you’re looking for a style other than black, this wallet has over 5 options in variations of brown, along with blue and gray. The other excellent trait about this wallet is it has two separate ID windows like the IsLeather wallet. It doesn’t have a money clip like some of our other top picks, but it does have a slot where you can keep your cash! Similar to all 4 of our other favorite wallets listed here, this wallet also gives you protection by blocking RFID scanners.

Best Value Wallets on Amazon

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TRAVANDO Slim Wallet with Money Clip

This wallet features the room you need while also staying slim and not feeling bulky in your pocket. Our favorite part is that it has the money clip, so you can easily carry your cash with you. The bifold still gives you a decent number of slots to carry the cards that you need to carry along, including the clear space for your driver’s license or ID. It also gives you the needed protection against data theft from RFID scanners.

Best Value Wallets on Amazon

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BSWolf Aluminum Slim Minimalist Front Pocket Wallet

This wallet is for the minimalist who desires his wallet to be on the lighter side. This BSWolf wallet is smaller in size compared to the previous wallets. However, it still can hold up to 12 cards and has a money clip that holds up to 5 bills. If you don’t plan on carrying large amounts of cash on you, it could be a great fit! It is designed to fit well in your front pocket. One distinction about this wallet is it has military grade RFID blocking technology, so the protection is at the top of the line!

Best Value Wallets on Amazon

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Clifton Heritage Leather Wallet

Both the slimmest and most cost-effective wallet in our list is this black carbon Clifton Heritage Leather Wallet. This wallet doesn’t fold at all, but rather consists more like the design of a cardholder. It holds 5 cards, along with an ID and has a compartment to hold a small amount of cash as well. It’s made from genuine leather and is going to be one of the most lightweight options we have included. Although it is compact, it still offers protection against RFID technology as well.

[maxbutton id=”38″]

Best Value Wallets on Amazon

Whether you are looking for a wallet that is on the lighter side or one that has plenty of space for your cards, these top five wallets are affordable, made out of quality material and are going to provide the protection you need from potential data theft!

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The Luxury Chicago Hotels for Your Next Chi-Town Voyage

There‘s nothing like staying at a five-star luxury hotel with the Chicago skyline outlining your backdrop. Chicago is the 114th largest city in the world, but it still hosts the most prestigious collection of extravagance. Here‘s our list of the top luxury Chicago hotels to keep things interesting on your next visit.

Luxury Chicago Hotels

The Langham on Wabash

Touted as the #1 luxury hotel in the city, The Langham is the epitome of Chicago extravagance. Rates vary from $350 a night for the deluxe double bedroom to $9,000 for the Infinity suite. Amenities for The Langham include a spa, wellness center, and a clubhouse overlooking the Chicago skyline. 

The Four Seasons on Magnificent

There’s a reason celebrities choose The Four Seasons for their fix of luxury Chicago hotels. In the heart of Chicago‘s Gold District, guests of The Four Seasons have their pickings of amenities.  With rooms overseeing the beautiful Lake Michigan, and world-renowned in-house dining services, this hotel provides nothing short of lavishness. 

The Waldorf Astoria on East Walton

The Waldorf Astoria on East Walton boasts one of the most stunning hotel entrances you’ll find anywhere. Housed under Hilton brand, The Waldorf is internationally known for its five-star standards. With a full-service spa and the Margeaux Brasserie, a French-inspired restaurant and lounge, The Waldorf Astoria know how to keep its guests entertained. As the #3 hotel on our list, one day at Waldorf will cost you anywhere between $350 and $10,000+. 

Luxury Chicago Hotels: How to Choose

With the three listings offering the highest quality of accommodations, it’s hard to know which to choose when looking for luxury Chicago hotels. For starters, see which hotel location suites you the best. Even though each listing lies in the heart of Downtown Chicago, each one might be closer to a particular attraction you’re most interested in. Second, each of these establishments wants to please their future guests. Call them and see what current offers they have. Perhaps one boasts a better deal than the other which can make this an easier decision. 

Be sure to check out our other travel content, here on Gemsman.

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Brittney is a contributing editorial writer for Gemsman. She specializes in everything fashion, lifestyle, and travel. You can get in contact with Brittney at any of her social media links or her personal website.

Cologne Reviews for The Man on a Budget

Smelling good is one staple of being a well-rounded man. And let’s be transparent – expensive colognes can be great staples to your wardrobe, but they aren‘t a necessity. There are options out there that will cost more than an $8 bottle of Axe body spray, but less than Clive Christian Absolute Osmanthus spray (also known as the $10,000 cologne.) We’ve compiled a list of cologne reviews from our most recommended brands to help you find the newest addition to your scent collection. 

Cologne Reviews

Calvin Klein’s Eternity Aqua

Reasonably priced at major retailers and online, Calvin Klein’s Eternity Aqua is a great gateway into the cologne game. With notes of wood and aqua (lavender), it gives you a fresh minimalist smell which won’t overpower. It’s an elegant, daytime scent, beginning with water and wood. It surges into chilled cucumber, green leaves, and lavender as it wears to midday. It finishes with sandalwood and musk. In a word: refreshing.

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Jimmy Choo MAN

Staying in the fresh, easy entry category, you can’t go wrong with Jimmy Choo MAN. The cologne is fresh and powerful, made with a bit more kick than the Eternity Aqua. The signature fragrance has a lavender kick, just like Eternity Aqua, but deviates from there with fruitier textures: honeydew melon and pineapple leaf, for a sweet finish. It’s an elegant, rich, tropical fragrance which has a fun and flirty feel to it. It also has some of the best cologne reviews you’ll find online.

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Paul Sebastian Cologne for Men Collection

Skip the blue and fruity smells and head straight for gold with Paul Sebastian’s Cologne for Men Collection. The gold bottle hints at the deep amber smell, with notes of rose, sage, and jasmine. Pairs wonderfully with a suit and a night on the town. If you’re about to get tapas and head to an underground dive bar, wearing slacks and white Nikes, go for the Paul Sebastian.

While the Eternity Aqua and MAN can be a bit pricier, Paul Sebastian will run you around $50 for a 4oz bottle, which is a great deal.

Cologne Reviews

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Mont Blanc Legend

If you’ve been wondering when we’d get to the classic, traditional black and white no-nonsense men’s cologne, then here we are. It will run you a bit more than Paul Sebastian and MAN, but it is worth it. The Legend fragrance has a depth and mystery that turn heads, a confident air that says “is this seat taken?” It is a definitively masculine smell. At first sniff, sandalwood, tonka, and evernyl greet you. If you stay beyond the “hellos” for some pleasantries, apple and rose meet the nostrils. And finally, after a deep and meaningful conversation, you’ll see the pineapple leaf and lavender. Legend is a deep and masculine fragrance that has an arc to it, just like your moods, just like your conversation.

A bit more expensive than the others, pushing toward $100 for the 4oz, but if it’s the right scent for you, it’s definitely worth it.

Cologne Reviews

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Whatever you choose, developing a “signature smell” can take you a long way. Continue reading up on cologne reviews, experimenting and trying new scents to find what suits you the best.

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Hands Down, the Aladdin Remake Is Movie of the Year

You ever see a trailer for an upcoming movie and instantly know that that movie will become the movie of the year?  

No? Well, that‘s too bad, because that’s what happened when I caught glimpse none other than Will Smith would play Genie.

For all the nay-sayers who hated this casting selection, Smith did a resounding job. Genie was witty, humorous, and his rapport with Aladdin was untouchable.

Mena Massoud also performed well, bringing back the great traits we’ve grown to know and love from Aladdin. But the real star of this remake was Naomi Scott.

Scott crushes the role of Jasmine. It was astounding at how much depth she created for her character – more so than what the original movie could provide.

There Were A Couple of Quirks

For one, Jafar was not nearly as evil as he appeared in the original. I was just waiting for him to bring back that same level of cruelty, but it just never seemed to happen.

There were also times when scenes looked cheap. It was kind of strange. One moment, there was a stunning shot of Aladdin and Jasmine together. They would then follow it up with an action scene that looked like it came straight from an 80s movie.

These flaws were annoying, but they were minor and didn’t take away from the grand scheme of things.

There Were A Lot of Kids

If you’re anticipating an onslaught of 90s kid lining up to watch Aladdin, you’ll be terribly disappointed. The crowd that attended this screening was your standard young family of four. Expect babies to be crying, toddlers to be screaming and mothers to be mothering.

Not saying you go to the movies for the crowd, but I was hoping to not be the only person in the entire theatre to be in their mid-twenties.

TLDR: The Aladdin Remake is Worth the $8 Movie Ticket

The only reason why you shouldn’t see the Aladdin remake is if you have a strong hatred for Disney movies. Besides that, there are no excuses. People who’ve never seen Aladdin, God forbid, would still enjoy this remake. But I think this movie is best suited for fans of the original, who are looking for a taste of some sweet childhood nostalgia.

About the Author: Xavier Fletcher

Xavier is a contributing writer for Gemsman, a web developer, an artisan, and a personal trainer. After spending several years training clients, Xavier moved on to a leadership role in a transportation company where he doubled as a trainer and restructuring specialist. In his spare time, Xavier reads, exercises, meditates and shares experiences through his personal blog.

10 Essential Books Every Man Needs to Read

If you aren’t getting better, you’re getting worse

These are true words to live by. If you’re not constantly getting better in your life, you’re really just getting worse. One of the best ways to continue to get better is to always be learning.

Whether it’s learning about how to lead people, learning how to better manage your time/money, or just learning more about how to socialize with others, it’s extremely important to do just that… LEARN.

We’ve Compiled 10 Books That We Believe Every Man Needs to Read

Some of them might be ones you’ve heard of, whiles others may be completely new. Regardless, we hope this gives you some ideas on books that can help give yourself a better life and to continue onwards towards a life of prosperity and success.

48 Laws of Power by Robert Greene

The 48 Laws of Power is one of those books you read once all the way through, and then you go back, read it again, and start implementing each of the steps somehow into your life. Robert Greene does a magnificent job giving you 48 laws to live by, all with a historical context. These laws talk about how to become a better leader, how to get people to follow and respect you, and how to keep people on your toes.

If you’re somebody who’s looking to get ahead in your career and become a man that people admire and respect, this is definitely the book you want to check out.

Emotional Intelligence 2.0 by Travis Bradberry and Jean Graves

People are always talking about IQ (intelligence quotient) like it’s some end-all, be all. The fact of the matter is, IQ is important, but so is emotional intelligence (EQ.) EQ means you’re able to control and express your emotions effectively, while also understanding the emotions of others. EQ is important in all aspects of life, whether that’s in a business setting or with loved ones. Emotional Intelligence 2.0 goes into how you can increase your EQ by taking you on their 4-step system.

This book isn’t a magical pill, but the steps outlined in it will give you an idea of how you can better understand and emotionally connect with others around you.

The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*** By Mark Manson

Mark Manson does a brilliant job of telling you how a lot of other self-help books aren’t practical while giving you ways of how to stop giving a f*** to live a life of happiness.

Manson’s blunt attitude really gets point across and reaches you on a level that many other self-help authors are unable to do.

21 Lessons for the 21st Century By Yuval Noah Harari

If you’ve ever wanted to know what issues are going to be shaping our near future, then THIS IS THE BOOK FOR YOU!

Some of these topics might uncomfortable (especially the ones discussing religion, immigration, etc. But at the end of the day, these are important for us to be aware of and know how they will be altering the world around us. Harari does a great job of talking about events happening today, and how they will be affecting society in the future.

The Wealthy Gardener By John Soforic

This is the first book on the list that actually tackles the issues of finance. The book is written by a father who has his finances in check, for his son who is about to embark on a career. The format of the book is touching, and you get that father-son bond when reading about the advice he gives his son.

The Laws of Human Nature By Robert Greene

Nobody says there was a rule against having the same author twice in our list, and here we are with Robert Greene’s latest book, “The Laws of Human Nature.”

Similar to The 48 Laws of Power, Greene gives a lot of backstory into all his laws, so you understand the historical importance of each. Unlike The 48 Laws of Power, The Laws of Human Nature focuses on how people interact, and how you can better understand this process.

Words that Change Minds By Shelle Rose Charvet

Shelle Rose Charvet knows a little something about influence. Besides traveling around the world, she was president of the Neuro-linguistic Programming Society of Canda. For those who unaware, Neuro-linguistic Programming, or NLP, is a psychological method on communicating with others.

In Charvet’s book, she breaks down some NLP techniques that can help make you a better communicator and get your points across to the people that matter the most.

Thinking, Fast and Slow By Daniel Kahneman

Thinking Fast and Slow is one of the revolutionary books we don’t get very often. Daniel Kahneman, who specializes in behavioral psychology, goes over two cognitive systems that we abide by; our fast and slow systems. By understanding both of these systems, how they work and operate, we can better understand human interactions and judgment. This understanding can allow for better results in our lives.

The Art of the Deal By Donald Trump

No matter your political leanings, Donald Trump has some wisdom to share in his book “The Art of the Deal.” The book goes over the backstory on how Trump became so wealthy/powerful and also lays down business success tips as well.

Social: Why Our Brains Are Wired to Connect By Matthiew Lieberman

Ever wondered why rejecting is so painful? Or why breaking up with somebody can give you the same emotions as somebody dying? These are all topics that Matthew Lieberman talks about in his book Social, and tackles them from an evolutionary psychology perspective. He goes over the root of why certain norms today make us feel the way we do, and how it ties into our past.

By understanding the WHY we have these certain tendencies, it allows us to become better an interacting with others and to be able to form much more fulfilling relationships.

About the Author: Ronald Johns

Ron Johns is a contributing writer to Gemsman. A lover of politics, music, and media, Ron writes about topics that affect the everyday man.

These Are The Best Quality Discount Watches You’ll Find Online

There are three types of people in this world: Those who buy expensive watches, those who buy cheap watches, and those who want to have their cake and eat it too.

Since you’ve come across this article, we’re guessing you’re the cake-kind of guy – which is great, so are we! We’ve compiled a list of high-quality watches that not only look great but have a great price tag too them too!

World of the wise: In the world of cheap watches, there’s a thin line between cheap bad and cheap good.

Remember when your grandma would tell you, “if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.” Unfortunately, this applies to watches.

So don’t think the watches we’re going to show you are the same price as that sketchy sushi from the gas station. You’ll still need to shell out a little bit of money, BUT, these are still one hell of a bargain, and better than spending a ridiculous amount of money.

Affordable Quality Watches: Invicta

Invicta is arguably the best discount watch brand on the market. The one thing that you need to keep in mind, however, is the quality of their items differs from watch to watch. So your buddy might get a lower-end Invicta that isn’t that great, and your other friend might get something along the higher end.

The key is to find those Invicta watches that fit somewhere in the middle – and that’s what we did. Below are the Invicta watches we think are worth looking into.

Invicta Men’s 6981 Pro Diver 

This watch is absolutely stunning. It has an equistite black and gold exterior with a 48mm case size.

Get this watch here.

Picture of the Invicta 6981

Invicta Men’s 8926OB Pro Diver

Aside from the difference in color, this Invicta Men’s 8926OB Pro Diver Stainless watch also has a little bit of a smaller case (40mm compared to the 48mm of the 6981.)

I personally enjoy having a larger case, but for those who would rather go smaller, 40mm is a good alternative.

Get this watch here.

Invicta Men’s 17205 AVIATOR

The Invicta 17205 Aviator is the perfect option for somebody who wants to have more bling on the arm, without it looking too tacky. (That’s one of the problems with affordable watches – the ones that tend to be “blingier” can look pretty terrible. Luckily, this one looks great.)

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Invicta Men's 17205 AVIATOR

Affordable Quality Watches: Caravelle

Next up on our list are Caravelle watches. As a whole, Caravelle is generally cheaper than Invicta. The advice we gave above about specific Invicta watches being better quality than others, applies ten fold to Caravelle.

When Caravelle watches are bad, they’re really bad

Do your due diligence! When you find a Caravelle watch that you think suits you, make sure the reviews for it show that it’s a worthy investment.

These are the Caravelle watches we’ve hand-picked based upon affordability, style, and quality.

Caravelle Stainless Steel Model: 45A124

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This Caravelle watch comes out at a diameter of 44.0mm and a thickness of 10.7mm. A nice feature of this specific watch is that it’s also water resistant.

The darker gray color of this watch is also extremely sharp, and a great addition to almost any colored outfit.

Caravelle Stainless Steel Model: 45A137

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Model 45A137 is very similar to the first Caravelle watch we showed you (model 45A124), in terms of size and color. The only difference is this one comes with a nice gold accent in the middle – which we think is a great finishing touch!

Caravelle Analog Display Model: 44B106

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Our last Caravelle recommendation is the model 44B106. Looks wise, this watch is different than the other Caravelle we’ve shown above. It has a thin diameter, a solid band, and a black accent to the main gold color finish. This is also the most affordable watch on our list.

Best Quality Discount Watches: Final Thoughts

We hope this article has helped you narrow down prospective choices for the best quality watches, that won’t break the bank. Let us know in the comments below about any other watch brands or models that you’ve enjoyed.

About the Author: Ronald Johns

Ron Johns is a contributing writer to Gemsman. A lover of politics, music, and media, Ron writes about topics that affect the everyday man.

Men’s Summer Street Style

Men’s Summer Street Style

We’re so close to summer that it’s time for you to start getting the styles that you’ll be rocking. Don’t let the warmer weather make you think you’ll need to lose out on fashionable outfits. Summer means testing the waters, while keeping things looking good. We’ve identified some key items that will have you covered for all of your men’s summer street style looks.


To add an edge to your outfits this summer, hats are a great option. They not only add depth to your look, but they account for the extra heat. Although there are different styles of hats in fashion, one type that sticks out are snapbacks.  Take a look at the outfit below:

men's summer street style

Even if you’re not a fan of this guy’s entire look, you can still appreciate that the snapback adds to the overall style.  Without it, it would look a bit bland. Keep in mind that snapbacks come in different sizes.  This guy is rocking one that’s a little big, but that doesn’t mean yours needs to be. Here’s an example of a simpler snapback: 

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Simple Tees

Simplistic tees are in style.  Especially if you decide to rock a snapback or other accessories, you really don’t want to overdo it with the crazy effects on your shirt. This isn’t to say that there isn’t a time and a place for graphics tee, but just to do your due diligence when wearing them. But for now, we recommend sticking to the basics and getting your men’s summer street style edge from your accessories.

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Lighter jeans are coming back in style.  Although these faded away (pun intended) a couple of years back, they’ve seen a recent emergence. With that said, darker jeans are still preferable and will work better with a lighter colored shirt.  If you do want to rock a lighter jean, make sure your shirt is darker to compensate.

For example, for the guy above in the blueish shirt, he has the option of rocking either dark or light jeans, because his shirt falls into the middle category of light and dark. But his friend in white would look better rocking darker jeans. Here’s an affordable and stylish jean option:

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If you’ve caught on to our underlying theme, you probably can guess that when it comes to belts, we also think going for a simpler look is key. Bulky belts can work, sometimes, but it’s better if your belt does the following:

  • Matches
  • Doesn’t stick out too much
  • Helps keep your pants up

There are a lot of “rules” out there that people have on the color.  But honestly, as long as it matches the overall color scheme of your outfit, you’re fine. Here’s a great belt example:

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There are a lot of great options for sneakers. Like we said before, make sure that they complement the overall look of your outfit. For the two outfits we posted above, black sneakers would look well. Something like this would work well:

mens summer street style

In the summer, white shoes are also extremely stylish. The nice thing about them is that they can compliment almost any outfit. One thing to note though is that sometimes white shoes can scream too much edge. So be careful if you’re already being edgy with your outfit in other ways. – white shoes might overdo it.  Here’s a nice option:

mens summer street style

Men’s Summer Street Style:  Final Thoughts

The nice thing about the looks we talked about is they are simple and versatile. One day you could rock a tee, jeans, and sneakers.  The next week you rock the same look, but add a snapback to change it up a bit.  Although a lot of people think of extravagant looks for men’s summer street style, we think sticking to “simple” is the best way to keep things stylish, and not go overboard on your budget.

Give us your thoughts on your favorite summer looks below!

About the Author: Ronald Johns

Ron Johns is a contributing writer to Gemsman. A lover of politics, music, and media, Ron writes about topics that affect the everyday man.