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Athleisure Wear to Step Up Your Style

Athletic apparel has become such a part of today’s everyday fashion trends that a new term for it had to be made – athleisure. This trend includes athletic clothing that can go from the gym to a casual night out with friends. Athleisure wear is everywhere, which only makes sense because it’s hella comfortable! And, thankfully, it has now become acceptable to wear athleisure wear in situations other than the gym. The athletic clothing companies have jumped on this trend and have been great in offering up versatile, multi-functional clothing that can be worn just about anywhere.

Take a look at these pieces you need to add to your wardrobe.

Hill City Lightweight run pant

Athleisure Wear

Joggers are super trendy right now and these lightweight pants are perfect for the warmer summer months. These run pants look great at the gym but would also look nice paired with a graphic tee at an outdoor music festival. Or pair these with a cotton polo and you could hit a casual bar or restaurant. These running pants are versatile to wear just about everywhere and a great addition to your summer style.

Hill City Tech Track Jacket

Athleisure Wear

A track jacket is a must-have for your wardrobe. It is so versatile. It can be worn during a cool morning or evening workout or used as a trendy layer over a t-shirt at a casual restaurant patio or bonfire. This particular track jacket would even look great paired with a button up. It’s great to have a lightweight trendy jacket option for all your summer activities.

Lululemon Pace Breaker Short 7”

These shorts are great for the summer. There are 6 colors available but the Cubed Ice Grey Black is the trendiest color option. Most people tend to gravitate towards a solid color workout clothing but it is refreshing to see when people show some personality with their clothing. The Cubed Ice Grey Black is still subtle enough to not be outrageous but gives enough interest to not be boring. You’ll stand out for the right reasons at the gym or on the trail with these shorts. Pair these with a black or grey shirt or polo and you can dress it up enough for a restaurant.

Lululemon Surge Light Tight

Athleisure Wear

Lululemon is known for its trendy women’s athletic tights. As more professional athletes and celebrities have been photographed wearing athletic tights, more men are jumping on the athleisure wear trend. Athletic tights work great as a base layer to keep your muscles warm during cool summer days. While most men choose to layer tights under shorts, some men are going sans shorts showing off what they’ve got! You want to make sure you have a nice pair of athletic tights if you plan on wearing tights without shorts. These athletic tights will hold up and show off all your right places.

Puma Scuderia Ferrari Mens T7 Track Pants

Athleisure Wear

Track pants are definitely still in style and Puma offers a great selection of pants to pick from. This pair has authentic Ferrari branding and the Ferrari shield TPU badge at the upper right hip. You may not be able to get a Ferrari car but you can get this pair of Ferrari track pants. The slim fit of these pants makes them great to wear in so many different situations. You don’t have to just wear them when you’re working out.

Under Armour Rush Hoodie

This hoodie is one you’ll definitely want to wear both in the gym and around town this summer. The mesh insets will help your body breath whether you’re lifting weights at the gym or lifting a beer in a friend’s backyard. This Rush Hoodie is a must have for your summer workout wardrobe.

About the Author: Alicia Chapman

Alicia Chapman is a freelance writer from Minnesota who enjoys writing fashion, travel, and lifestyle trend pieces. In her free time, she enjoys reading, traveling, camping, happy hour, and can typically be found at a local brewery or cheering on a local sports team. You can follow her on Instagram and Twitter @aliciahchapman or see more of her work at www.aliciahchapman.com.

The Donut Shops That’ll Make You Take a Donut-cation

Donuts are one of America’s favorite breakfast foods, and the best part is you can eat them all day in all different flavors. Whether you like sweet, salty, savory, or fruity donuts, there is a donut shop in America that is perfect for you. Check out some of our favorite donut shops in America.

Da Vinci’s Donuts in Atlanta

Donut Shops

If you love donuts but can’t ever seem to finish a whole one because they are too rich or too sweet, you will love the two bite donuts that are infinitely customizable at Da Vinci Donuts in Atlanta, Georgia. Each donut at Da Vinci’s is a work of art with a buffet of toppings and drizzles to choose from. Some of the best flavors are the cannoli inspired donuts and filled caramel apple. Da Vinci’s specializes in a cake-style donut that is hand-dipped, and franchises are even available!

Blackbird Doughnuts in Boston

Donut Shops

Blackbird Doughnuts is so popular they have four donut shops in the Boston area, and their artisanal doughnuts are often catered at weddings and corporate events. They offer savory flavors such as the everything bagel doughnut, vegan options like the vegan lemon coconut, and cake doughnuts made with buttermilk and sour cream including the blackbird doughnut, their signature flavor that’s a simple vanilla bean with vanilla glaze. Blackbird Doughnuts also makes Doughnut Cakes and serves ice cream.

District Doughnut in Washington, D.C.

District Doughnut has been named the best doughnut shop in Washington, D.C. four years in a row since opening in 2014. Pastry Chef Christine crafts gourmet doughnuts from scratch using a special vanilla bean yeast dough and imports fine ingredients from all over the world. She believes in creating a “better doughnut” and has gained so much popularity there are currently five locations open, including one in Virginia. The flavors at District Doughnut change seasonally, but summer flavors include brown butter, orange Creamsicle crème Brule, fluffernutter, and Nutella Smores, among others.

Do-Rite Donuts & Chicken in Chicago

Donut Shops

Breakfast sandwiches are great, but making a breakfast sandwich on a donut might blow your mind. You can try a donut breakfast sandwich at Do-Rite Donuts & Chicken in Chicago. The menu at Do-Rite’s changes depending on the chef’s mood but you can usually find a variety of sandwiches made on donuts or on a bun, fried chicken sandwiches, fries, donuts with gluten-free options and incredible flavors like the cheese Danish donut and pistachio-Meyer lemon donuts.

The Holy Donut in Portland

The Holy Donut offers 20 unique flavors of donuts all made from potatoes! The store closes as soon as the last donut is sold so guests should make sure to arrive early if they want the best and freshest selection. The Holy Donut is also completely soy and nut free and offers gluten-free and vegan options. The bases are Maine Potato, or Dark Chocolate Maine Potato and flavors include pomegranate, hand squeezed lemon, toasted coconut, Coffee Brandy, and more.

Mr. T’s Donuts in Modesto

Donut Shops

Mr. T’s Donuts is a 24-hour donut shop in Modesto, California that has been open since 1989 and is continually voted one of the best donut shops in Modesto. The most popular donut is a cronut which is a light and fluffy cross between a croissant and a donut, and the regular raised yeast glazed donuts are melt in your mouth delicious. Prices are reasonable at less than $10 per dozen and muffins, Danishes, bear claws, and cinnamon rolls are also available.

Sweetwater’s Donut Mill in Kalamazoo

Sweetwater Donut Mill opened in 1983 and now offers three locations in Michigan that are all open 24/7 and serves donuts and muffins. The stores are family owned and have some of the best-filled donuts in the country. Some of the best flavors are the Banana Cream with chocolate frosting, Apple crumb, key lime, peanut butter & jelly, Oreo, and New York cheesecake, among many others. Sweetwater’s also cake amazing cake donut toppings and flavors including German Chocolate, buttermilk, and a variety of candy toppings.

Mahalo Coffee Co and Mini Donuts in Cedar Rapids

Mahalo Coffee Co serves pure Hawaiian coffee grown in and imported from Maui. The coffee shop claims to be the only shop in the state to sell gourmet mini donuts and is known for its tropical flavors and fresh ingredients. Some of the donuts you have to try at Mahalo’s includes the blueberry beach, apple tiki, and cinnamon lava. The shop also serves daily grab and go breakfasts, Lunch sandwiches, and guests can take advantage of the free Wi-Fi.

The Donut Experiment in Bloomington

You might not have heard of Bloomington, Illinois but it’s the only city in the state to have a Donut Experiment. Nowhere else can you get donuts as fresh as you can at the Donut Experiment because they are each made to order. Start with a cake donut, then choose your toppings and icing flavor. Daily offerings include candy and cereal toppings, chocolate, caramel, glazed, and vanilla icings, among more. There are also specialty donuts like Sriracha and Key Lime. Guests can also order hot or iced lattes, coffees, and espresso.

Milkjam Creamery in Minneapolis

What’s better than ice cream? An ice cream sandwich with donuts of course! Milkjam Creamery in Minneapolis, Minnesota makes artisanal ice creams like Uma Thurman, Hard Knock Life 2.0, Waka Flocka Flakes, and Hibiscus Lemonade just to name a few. Some of the ice creams have alcohol in them like the Saigon Nights, which contains Hennessy. You can get your ice cream served on a Jam Bun which is a Glam Doll Donut bun with a scoop of ice cream served in the middle. Milkjam also serves adult milkshakes and floats with champagne, beer, or a shot of liquor. This is the perfect donut shop for a brunch stop in Minnesota.

Delicious donuts are available in every state. Use this list to get started checking off the best donut shops from your foodie bucket list.

About the Author: Krystle Dickerson

Krystle grew up and still lives in Central Illinois with her husband, three children, and pets. Krystle knew she wanted to be a writer when she won a bookmaking contest in summer daycare when she was 9 years old. After 10+ years in retail management, Krystle took the plunge into writing full time in 2015. She holds down a muggle job as a freelance web content writer, but truly enjoys being a multi-genre author under the name Krystle Able. She also hosts literature-based events in the United States with Spellbinding Events. You can find her books on Amazon:

These Are the Latest Men’s Fashion Trends

A well-dressed man exerts confidence and sex appeal. And, right now, it’s a fun time to experiment with fashion. Gone are the days of boring black suits with a white shirt and simple tie. Just this year Billy Porter wore his version of a black suit and wowed the world in his Oscar ensemble, and then again when he attended the Met Gala. It’s not every day that a guy is trending more than Kim Kardashian for his fashion choices.

Now, you don’t have to go as far as Billy Porter, but men’s fashion has come a long way. There are more options with patterns and intricate detail work to help set you apart while showcasing your personality. Here are a few trends to keep an eye on and test out to see what works best for you.

Statement coats

Designers like Prada and Burberry are taking coats to the next level. Coats for men have become more than just something to keep you warm. They have become a fashionable layering piece you won’t want to take off when you go indoors. The current trend for these coats is for it to hit right at around the knee. A lightweight version of this would work great for the summer, especially for rainy days. They can be found in a variety of styles and colors, ranging from black to something bold with a great pattern.

Bright bomber jackets

Bomber jackets have been popular for a while but what makes this trend new is the design on the jackets. The bomber jacket is a staple piece for Karamo Brown from the Real World and now Queer Eye on Netflix. In just about every single episode, he’s wearing a different statement bomber jacket. He’s become so synonymous in having a killer bomber jacket on that he’s even started designing and selling his own at KStately.com. This is an easy trend to wear and looks much sharper than a hoodie during the cool summer evenings.

Suits with interesting details

A black suit will always be classic. It’s a great piece to have in your wardrobe, but the new trend is to wear a suit with a little more personality and fantastic details. Celebrities like Armie Hammer (The Social Network), Rami Malek (Bohemian Rhapsody), Jason Momoa (Aquaman), and Chris Evan (The Avengers) have ditched the black tux on the red carpet and opted for something with more color. A great place to start with this trend is to find a suit coat with a subtle pattern that you can pair with your black suit pants. This will wow everyone at any summer wedding you attend this summer.

Patterned shirts

Go beyond the stripes and checks and expand your shirt game. More men are stepping out of the box and wearing shirts that show off their personality. These shirts have some of the nostalgia of a Hawaiian shirt but with a modern take. They tend to be more fitted and can be found with just about any pattern you can think of – birds to floral to pineapples and so much more. Have some fun and pick up a short-sleeved fitted shirt this summer and wear it for a date night out with your partner.

How will you stand out?

About the Author: Alicia Chapman

Alicia Chapman is a freelance writer from Minnesota who enjoys writing fashion, travel, and lifestyle trend pieces. In her free time, she enjoys reading, traveling, camping, happy hour, and can typically be found at a local brewery or cheering on a local sports team. You can follow her on Instagram and Twitter @aliciahchapman or see more of her work at www.aliciahchapman.com.

Yes, Varsity Jackets Are Still Cool

Yes, varsity jackets are still cool. And no, we aren’t talking about the ones from your high school glory days. We’ve compiled a list of the most stylish varsity jackets with tiers for different price ranges. Even though the warmer weather may prevent you from rocking these jackets all the time, they’re still a great addition for those cool summer nights.

Note: Although these were all pulled from the men’s section, these looks – for the most part – are unisex. So guys and gals alike can enjoy these styles.

Affordable Varsity Jackets

Forever 21’s Reason Varsity Jacket

The Reason Varsity Jacket has a bomber aesthetic, ready for streetlights and dive bars. Iconic varsity striping on the cuffs and bottom hem makes any outfit pop. Front slant pockets keep your hands warm while communicating the perfect amount of “I don’t care.” Pair it with a dad hat and people will swear that you’re a B-list celebrity they’ve never heard of.

Colorblock Varsity Jacket

Forever 21’s Colorblock Varsity Jacket

A woven varsity jacket with more color, the Colorblock Varsity Jacket features effortless red accents that make your outfit look like the detailing of a racing car. Varsity stripes, quilted lining, and front slanted pockets complete the “American Friday night lights” vibe.

Varsity Jacket

Urban Outfitter’s BDG Meadowland Denim Track Jacket

A fine line separates the varsity jacket and track jacket, and the BDG Meadowland Denim Track Jacket has varsity vibes all the way. The cut of the collar, the tapered sleeves, the elastic bottom, and the double-handwarmer pockets are all varsity trademarks. Pure denim, and a flashy white stripe. The light wash denim makes it a perfect jacket for daily wear, opening any color combination and naturally complimenting every dad hat collecting dust in your closet.

The full-length front zip makes it easy to style, and the chevron pattern accents your white shoes. Pair with white high top converse and shorts, and it becomes the summer outfit you’ve always wanted and never had.

Denim Track Jacket

Urban Outfitter’s Champion UO Exclusive Rally Jacket

The varsity jacket is known for a darker chest and light sleeves. Champion’s Rally Jacket disregards this premise and offers a varsity cut with an all-white jacket. With the modern champion logo on the sleeve, a retro champion logo on the breast, the rally jacket asks “what if the varsity jacket bought brunch?” Perfect for men’s athleisure wear or a new take on the varsity jacket.

Features a zipper on the front, button cuffs on the sleeves, and a collar with button closure.

Rally Jacket

Middle Priced Varsity Jackets

Zara’s Contrasting Bomber Jacket

Zara’s Contrasting Bomber Jacket has all the poker-tells of a varsity jacket. A two-tone pattern of navy and faux suede takes you back to high-school days by the bleachers and nights in the parking lot. Somehow, the Zara Contrasting Bomber is the most nostalgic jacket on this list. It’ll make you miss your pick-up truck and Levi’s that were two sizes too big.

Round neck, long sleeves, hip pockets, and ribbed elastic trim. Thin varsity stripes at the trim.

Contrasting Bomber Jacket

Michael Kors Varsity Jacket

While saying “classic varsity jacket” may sound redundant, this Michael Kors jacket known simply as the “Varsity Jacket” is about as classic as they make ‘em. Royal blue and white colorings, double stripes on the cuffs and collar, snap button fastenings. The 100% Polyester material crinkles in the wind as you reach for another drive-in french fry.

Varsity Jacket

Nordstrom’s Saturdays NYC Welsh Colorblock Varsity Jacket

My personal favorite jacket on the list, this Welsh Colorblock Varsity Jacket, from Saturday’s and Nordstroms, brings the perfect sun-washed cornflower blue and faded canvas varsity two-tone.

The glory-days never looked this good back in the glory days. Tapered sleeves, hem, and collar bring the pop of navy blue to offset the perfectly washed chest. Canvas pocket details and sleeves ricochet off of silver snap buttons. Not a reinvention of the varsity jacket, simply the perfect varsity jacket.

Varsity Jacket

Michael Kors Printed Varsity Jacket

From Michael Kors, the same people who brought you the most classic varsity jacket on this list comes a varsity jacket remix inspired by recent trends in goofy patterned button-up shirts. The Printed Varsity Jacket vibes like the high school band room or art room, with just enough irony to carry the American cool label.

The pattern of tiny-circles on the chest contrasts perfectly with the block-color sleeves, setting up the varsity jacket two-tone with pattern instead of color.

High Priced Varsity Jackets

Coach’s Navy/Chalk Varsity Jacket

Coach’s Varsity Jacket has the stripes and cut of a classic bomber, with the bold mature colors that make it a regular in your rotation. The vibe sends James Dean meets Friday Night Lights, about as American cool as you can get.

The jacket is made from wool, detailed with smooth leather, closes with snap buttons, and shimmers like fireworks under the 4th of July sky. Coach didn’t reinvent the Varsity Jacket, they just reached way back into your granddaddy’s closet and handed you his old one.

Varsity Jacket

Burberry’s EKD Logo Merino Varsity Jacket

For a luxury remix of the varsity jacket, see Burberry’s EKD Logo Merino. Offered in wool (pictured here) and nylon, this varsity jacket combines the minimalism of a tracksuit with the striping and collar iconic of the varsity blues. Zipper pockets replace the traditional snap buttons. The sleeves provide plenty of arm-room while the tapered bottom hits right at the belt-line. It can be worn zipped an unzipped with ease.

The logo resembles an “Equestrian knight motif,” a callback for that immensely popular mascot of so many schools.

Varsity Jacket

Gucci’s Bomber Jacket With Patches

Don’t be fooled by the name, Gucci’s “Bomber Jacket With Patches” is as varsity-sport as they come. The “A” on front and “La Société Angelique” on the back isn’t a snazzy reference to the Anaheim baseball team, as you’ll undoubtedly first think. It’s a lesser-known and more ironic reference to a group of poets and writers in 16th century France. American vintage sportswear combined with references to obscure French poetry! It’s a beautifully ironic tribute to varsity prep culture.

Striped details on the cuffs, snap buttons, and washed-cotton sleeves will ensure that this jacket is perfect for the tailgate and Saturday morning brunch, French poetry references aside. 100% high-quality wool.

Varsity Jacket

Coach Patchwork Varsity Jacket

If the other luxury varsity jackets have been too classic or too tracksuit, the Patchwork Varsity Jacket just might be the kind of windows-down music-blasting statement piece that you didn’t know you needed.

The Patchwork Varsity Jacket features classic stripe patterns and snap buttons–and then the classic stops there. The blue snowflake pattern stitched into the jacket is meant to recall Prairie patchwork. The truly midwestern vintage American varsity jacket features satin and leather accents. James Dean meets John Wayne: a flamboyant John Wayne.

Varsity Jacket

About the Author: Ben Martin

Ben Martin is a contributing writer for Gemsman with a taste for good vibes and a heart for searching out the mysteries of life. He specializes in philosophy, humorous banter, and overanalyzing pop music. Often found typing during sunrise and skating during sunset