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The Best Gym Equipment for Your Home Gym

The Best Gym Equipment for Your Home Gym


After picking out your free weights, you will want to pick up some accessories such as a jump rope, stability ball, punching bag, and exercise mat. You may wonder why you need a jump rope, but it’s simple really – jumping rope is a great cardio workout. And a jump rope doesn’t take up much space, especially if you are working with a small area for your home gym.

A stability ball is another great piece of gym equipment – you can get it in a full ball or half ball. The two can be used in similar exercises, but each one has specific workouts geared towards it. The half exercise ball, most commonly known as a BOSU Ball, is great for a home gym because it is smaller than a full stability ball and stores easier. An exercise ball may be smaller when it is deflated but the likelihood you are going to want to inflate it every time you use it is pretty slim. A perk of the exercise ball is it can be deflated for travel. Both options are great ways of working on your core.

Boxing is another great workout that doesn’t require a lot of space. It helps build up your core and releases stress and tension at the same time.

The exercise mat isn’t necessary but is a great addition to any home gym. The exercise mat helps provide some additional padding when you are stretching, doing abs, and other floor exercises. The mats are also easy to wipe down after your workout.

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