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The Best Morning Rituals to Start Your Day Off Right

Best morning rituals

Every morning plays a large factor in how the rest of your day will go. Have you ever noticed what day type of day you tend to have when you wake up late and have to rush out the door? Generally, the rest of your day resumes in a stressed out and frantic mood as well. A morning routine is a prime way to set yourself up to have a successful day! To help you start your day off right, we have listed our top six of the best morning routine rituals.

Keep Devices Turned Off

For most people, it is very common to instantly pick up your smartphone when you wake up. We can easily start our day off by going through social media newsfeeds and checking our emails. The problem is it starts your day off in a reaction type zone. By browsing social media first thing in the morning, you can also start your day off by comparing yourself to others through photos you see in your newsfeed. Plus, I know I’m not the only one who can easily lose 30 minutes at least by getting lost browsing apps on my phone. Save yourself valuable time in the morning and allow yourself to wake up with mindfulness by keeping your device turned off for at least the first 30 minutes after you wake up.

Drink Lemon Water

We all know that the amount of water we drink has a large effect on our overall health. However, many of us find it challenging to drink enough throughout the day. By starting your day off with drinking lemon water, you are hydrating your body before you do anything else. This will also help your digestion for the rest of the day. Lemon water is loaded with vitamin C, which has plenty of benefits all by itself. By drinking water before breakfast (or any meal for that matter), you are also less likely to overeat as well.

Visualize Your Desires

It is easy to start each morning thinking of all the things we must do that day. Most of us consistently have endless to-do lists. However, starting your day off with these thoughts doesn’t put you in a positive mindset. It only makes you feel overwhelmed. Instead, I challenge you to start your day off with visualizing your desires. If you have a hard time visualizing, you can also try writing out your ambitions. The point for this ritual is to allow yourself time first thing in the morning to think about your desires and your dreams. This will help you start your day with a more vibrant energy.

Meditate for Five Minutes

For those who have never tried it, meditating can seem difficult. However, if you start out with meditating for lower amounts of time, it is much easier! You can work yourself up to the amount of time you desire, but I recommend at least meditating for 5 minutes every morning. This starts your day off in a calm state. It also helps you become more self-aware and decreases the overall amount of anxiety you will feel throughout the day. If you’ve never meditated, try it and notice the difference it makes!

Write in a Gratitude Journal

This is the ritual that has been life-changing for me. Start your day every day with writing out the 5 top things you are the most grateful for that day. You can buy a gratitude journal or even just use a notebook you have around your home. By thinking of the things in your life that you are grateful for on a regular basis, you automatically have more happiness and will have a brighter outlook on life. After you start this ritual, you may notice yourself paying attention throughout the day to things you can put in your gratitude journal the following day!

Move Your Body

To top off your morning the right way, get your body moving! If you exercise first thing in the morning before work, you are less likely to flake on a workout. Even if you don’t have a large amount of time before work, any movement counts. It can even be a walk. Especially if you sit at a desk all day or have limited movement at work, it is even more important for you to make sure to get moving before heading to your place of employment.

By starting out your morning with a planned routine, you are less likely to feel rushed and stressed out throughout the rest of the day. Don’t think you have

Also, don’t think moving your body means you have to jog on the treadmill or do some type of boring workout There are plenty of unique ways to stay in shape and keep you active.

The Best Morning Rituals

Our top six of the best morning routine rituals are good for both your mental and physical health. By starting to implement these rituals in the morning, you will be starting your day off right!

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