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The Most Unique Ways to Stay in Shape

Unique Ways to Stay in Shape

The gym is the time-honored tradition for guys who want to stay in shape. But sometimes you need to shake up your routine. Whether you’re a bit bored of the weight racks or aren’t finding the time to pump the iron, here are a few creative ways to stay toned without heading to the gym.

Home Yoga and Meditation

Why not develop your body and your emotions at the same time? YouTube and the internet at large have thousands of resources for home yoga and meditation. You can spice up the routines by tossing in push-ups and sit-ups to really cut those muscles. Find videos and guided practices to help you focus on your breathing, bring your awareness into the present, and notice your whole body.

Yoga and meditation practices will keep you fit while intensifying your mindfulness. If you can stay in shape and get in touch with your feelings, what’s not to love?!

Travel Differently

It’s well-known So-Cal wisdom that you’re never too old to buy a skateboard. Bikes, skateboards, and those pesky Razor scooters are all great ways to stay fit and travel around in environmentally friendly fashion. Cut down on ridesharing apps, save on gas, and workout while you move around the city! Bikes will tone your legs, and skateboards develop that core. Consider snagging an alternative travel option to workout while you move around.

Working out is a mental game. As soon as you’re the guy who bikes or the guy who skates, you’re the guy in good shape with an active lifestyle. Hit up craigslist and invest in some used gear.

Learn a New Sport

Lifting weights can be repetitive and won’t engage those critical cardio responses. Playing a sport is fun, fresh, and has social benefits that weight lifting doesn’t. Maybe it’s time to re-engage with a sport you played in highschool, or maybe it’s time to learn a new sport entirely. You can join a city league if you’re looking for some basketball or soccer. Sports like golf and tennis only require a couple of people to play. Invest in a tennis ball machine to start practicing to beat your boss. Buy some golf clubs and hit the driving range.

A new sport won’t only help you stay in shape, it will give you a new skill and a new way of making friends and engaging people. And, it’s just fun to learn new things!


While “sports” may have been the obvious answer to staying in shape, there are other options that guys are generally less likely to think of. Dance is one of them. Dancing is a great skill for parties, weddings, date nights, car rides, and just about any situation you can think of. Dance is a skill, just like soccer, but so few of us ever practice dancing or take the time to learn different kinds of dancing and how to do them.

You can take dance classes somewhere, or simply use the internet to find video tutorials. 15-minutes of your choice of dance will get that heart rate up and open those pores. Instead of working on your running form, work on your dance form! Take the social and physical benefits instead of the gentle jog.

There are plenty of alternative workouts available, and some of them offer great benefits that pushing heavy objects in a gym simply doesn’t. Pick a couple of the things on this list and try them out! See what sticks. If you can stay in shape and get other benefits at the same time, why wouldn’t you try it?!

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