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The Netflix Movies so Terrible They’re Worth the Watch

The Netflix Movies so Terrible They're Worth the Watch

Everybody loves a good Netflix movie. What’s not to love? The subscription service is cheap, packed with shows and movies, and there’s something for everyone. The thing is, there are sometimes some movies uploaded that are so terrible, so badly acted and yet so impossibly good! Let’s grab some popcorn and settle in, folks, because here are some of the Netflix movies that are so terrible, they’re actually a good watch!

47 Meters Down (2017)

It’s the standard story: two sisters on vacation head into a shark cage. Shark cage gets stuck on the ocean floor. Oxygen starts to run out. Rated as a floundering misfire, you can see the trailer below:

House of Deadly Secrets (2018)

A scary neighbor, a little girl, an old lady – it’s all there but poorly packaged. One big plot hole you’ll want to watch again and again.

Carpool (1996)

An old movie with slapstick humor that is oh-so-Nineties. It’s so bad and stereotypical it’s excellent, and seeing the trailer can help you decide whether to go for it. (NB: you should!)

Dude (2018)

Lots of weed, lots of friends, lots of drama. A very corny movie that has a small hilarity factor that draws you in. The trailer can help you to decide for yourself.

#RealityHigh (2017)

Let’s be honest: a movie with a hashtag in the title is not going to be a good one. Every stereotype ever about the nerdy girl who gets popular and gets with the cool kids. If you’re craving to relive the drama of your high school glory days, then this movie is right down your ally.

Makkhi (2012)

Okay, so don’t switch off the trailer just because it’s a Bollywood film that may not be your taste. A man is murdered, comes back to life in the form of a fly (yes, the insect) that has a taste for revenge. Violent revenge. From a fly. We need to say no more, right? PS: Spoiler alert – the fly breakdances.

The Kissing Booth (2018)

It’s a chick flick, and maybe not one you’d choose, but if you want something cheesy and cliche to watch with your partner, then give this one a go. She will love it, which gives you brownie points. You will hate, but you can man up for a couple of hours, right?

Teeth (2007)

Cross your legs, guys. This girl is the embodiment of the Vagina Dentata myth. You know…teeth…in a place where no man wants to experience teeth. Watch it – it’s awful, and yet you can’t tear your eyes away!

Life After Beth (2014)

Zombies and love are not often put together in a film. However, this film manages to put a guy who has a girlfriend that comes back from the dead as a zombie. Awful movie, but one of those that is so bad it’s incredible, and you can’t help but watch it!

Take Your Pick

All of these movies can be found on the Netflix listings across the world, and each one of them is brilliantly terrible in equal measure. Take your time, pick your snacks, and get comfortable – these movies need to be watched now!

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