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The Oklahoma City Thunder Have Never Cared About Being Great

The Oklahoma City Thunder have always been that slightly above average NBA franchise that will do decently in the regular season, and even score a big win or two against some top tier teams. They have players that will give you flashes of MVP material (a la Paul George and Russell Westbrook.) By seasons end, as a fan, you might even be thinking to yourself:

I think this year’s Thunder squad might be a sleeper in the NBA playoffs

But then, once playoff time comes, you’ll start to come back to earth. You’ll see a slew of star-caliber players playing subpar. You’ll see laziness on defense. You’ll see a lack of passion. And then, you’ll eventually be able to accept reality – until next season, when the cycle will start all over again.

At the end of the day, the OKC Thunder really don’t care about being a great team. They’re a franchise built around players who are big on individual accolades. Players who love when the attention is on them, but who don’t care about doing what it takes to win as a team.

If you’re a Thunder fan, please take my advice. Just go ahead and accept them for who they are. They’re a fun team to watch in the regular season. and they have incredible athletic prowess. But they don’t care about bringing home a championship. They dont care about carving the team in the land of greats.

So accept this fate Thunder fans. You’ll be much happier once you do.

Thunder Fans, “bUt tHe tHuNdEr wIlL cOmE bAcK iN tHe sErIeS”

No, they won’t. This isn’t the same old Portland Trailblazers who rely solely on Lillard and Mccollum. They have other players who have shown the tenacity and grip to help get them some big wins. It also doesn’t help that somebody like Enes Kanter is actually showing up and playing defense.

But let’s just say that they do somehow win out this series; they still won’t be able to beat either the Nuggets or the Spurs. Actually, scatch that. They won’t care enough to try to win against the Nuggest or the Spurs.

But it’s okay Thunder fans. At least you have a team that can give you a good ride during the regular season. There are 14 other franchise fans that aren’t able to say the same.

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