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The Outfits Your Girl Wants You to Wear

Outfits Your Girl Wants You to Wear

Almost every woman has a soft spot for a well-dressed man. Especially your girlfriend. But if you are constantly wearing sweatpants, graphic tees, or even clothes with stains and marks on them, it could be a major turn off. A man who puts effort in his appearance is a man who’s worth showing off to friends and family. Women look out for a man who has a great sense of style. While every woman has their own opinions about what’s hot and what’s not on a guy, these are just a few outfits your girl wants you to wear that’ll her eye – for sure.

Try a button-down shirt over your simple tee

Outfits Your Girl Wants You to Wear

You most likely have a collection of white, black, or even grey t-shirts in your wardrobe. Instead of just wearing one of them when going out, try upgrading it with a button down shirt over it. Any man can easily rock this outfit when they are out on a date, hanging out with their friends, or even going to a party with their friends and family. You can also wear something printed, or patterned, to make this outfit pop a bit more.

Guess what? Leather jackets are still in


Yes, you read that right! Leather jackets are still in. In fact… they were never really out. Wearing a leather jacket over a tee or sweatshirt is a growing trend in today’s fashion. A leather jacket isn’t just worn during winter, it could also be worn during the fall or spring (or even those breezy nights during the summer). Match the jacket with a pair of dark jeans and boots, or sneakers, and you got yourself one hot outfit.

Knee-length shorts are this year’s trend

If you read our how to look good in shorts guide, you’re already familiar with this one. There’s nothing wrong with showing off a bit of your legs! Shorts that are knee-length, or a little above the knee, are a growing trend right now this summer season.

These shorts are perfect for the summer, and can be worn, pretty much, anywhere—on dates, at backyard pool parties, at the beach, or even during a night out with the boys. Also, have a little bit of fun with your shorts! Light patterns and colors will help make you stand out in a crowd.

Sweaters with print? Yes, please

During the fall and winter, a printed sweater is your best option to impress your girlfriend. But, not with a print that is too busy. Your girl doesn’t want to see you rocking an ugly Christmas sweater every day. Wearing a sweater with a simple pattern, whether it’s striped or textured, can still be a bold choice, and it can also show that you are putting a little more effort in your appearance. If you want to wear something printed, just make sure that your bottoms are solid. You don’t want both pieces of your outfit battling against one another.

It’s time to dress to impress by wearing the outfits you girl wants you to wear

It doesn’t hurt to change your wardrobe once in a while. When you put more effort in your appearance, your girlfriend will definitely take notice. As we said, almost every woman has a soft spot for a well-dressed man. So, if you are stuck looking for things to wear, try any one of these outfits to make an impression on your girlfriend.

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