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The Tinder Tricks That Will Actually Get You Results

Tinder Tricks

Tinder is changing. If you were on the app before, or are just getting on it, be careful with where you get your information from. What worked on Tinder a couple of years ago, isn’t effective today. Heck, what happened a couple of months ago might not be either. So for all those Tinder tricks and tips, you used to hear about – they are doing you more harm than good. So in this guide, we will be focusing on two things:

Tinder Tricks That Don’t Work Anymore & Tinder Tricks That DO

Let’s get started!

The Tinder Donts

Tinder Tricks

Stop Deleting Your Tinder Account

There once was a time where deleting your Tinder account and making a new one meant a new batch of Tinder matches. However, this technique is now bad.

Tinder has caught on and they’ll dock your ELO score. (If you don’t know what an ELO is, it’s a secret score Tinder uses to rank how attractive of a match you are.)

In fact, people who delete their account just to make a new one will get their account shadowbanned.

So don’t delete your Tinder account for the sake of a match boost. A little bit later, we’ll talk about a better method of deleting your account, if you absolutely need to.

Stop Swiping On Everybody

It might be convenient. It might be fast. But Tinder also caught on to this and will dock your score for too many right swipes. Take the extra couple of minutes, and be more selective on your swiping. This leads us to another point.

Don’t Unmatch Accidental Matches

This is a controversial trick, but we believe it’s better to keep accidental matches, then to unmatch them. The reason? Tinder’s major user-base are women, and women on the app have much lower unmatch rates than guys do. Tinder wants to keep it that way.

Not only that, but usually when you match with somebody who’s below you on the attractiveness scale, they’ll send you a message first. This will help boost your ELO score, as getting messaged first is an indicator of attractiveness.

But what happens if they eventually unmatch me? Won’t that hurt my score?

If they unmatch you down the road (after they send you a message and you don’t reply, or they realize you’re not going to message them), it won’t hurt your ELO score as much as unmatching them in the first place.

Stop Ignoring Your Tinder Matches

It’s okay to not message a couple of girls (such as those accidental matches) every once and while. But when you start ignoring a good chunk of your matches, you’ll get docked ELO score points. Tinder wants you to interact with your matches, even if you know deep down it won’t lead you anywhere.

So interact with them. Heck, you might find something out about them that makes you want to go on a date with them.

Stop Using Third-Party Apps

Not many guys use third-party Tinder apps, but for any of you do, or plan on using them, DON’T. Third-party apps will shadowban your account.

The Tinder Dos

Pay For Tinder Premium

Guys are going to hate this. But Tinder is a business. Their profits are heavily pushed by people (men) paying for their monthly options. So in return, Tinder will make your profile stick out a little bit. Don’t expect an extreme increase in matches, but you will receive more attention to your profile than if you didn’t pay.

Use Videos and Loops To Stand Out

Tinder wants its user base to interact in unique ways and to use their new features. Thus, Tinder will give you a slight boost if you use it’s loop features in your profile. Make sure the loops you’re using actually make your profile stand out in the right way, and don’t try anything creepy.

Don’t Be Afraid of Using Tinder Superlikes

There once was a time when Tinder Super Likes made you look desperate and somewhat creepy. But here’s the thing – Tinder (and all other dating apps) are so popular now, that it’s harder and harder to stick out. So, using Super Likes (every once in a while) is a good way to get right in front of the girls you’re actually interested in.

Use Tinder Boosts Sparingly

Tinder Boosts were great when they first came out, but the reports we are seeing from guys is they are losing their effectiveness. It’s no wonder Tinder started trying out a 24-hour boost feature in select markets.

If you’re on the Tinder premium, you get one free boost X amount of days. Use them, but don’t pay for them. They are not worth the investment, and one boost + some serious swiping will get you through the majority of women on the app.

If you want a Tinder account reboot, it’s going to take a lot more effort.

Remember when we said that deleting your account for the sake of a “boost” in matches is bad? The only way to safely do a reboot is to do the following, but we warned, it’s not that easy:

Use a different Phone Number

Do not use the same phone number that you used with your previous account. Tinder’s software is sophisticated enough that they’ll match your account and restore your old ELO score.

Use a different device

Tinder’s software also knows when you’re using the same device, so even if you use the same number, your old device will tip them off.

Use different photos

You don’t have to go out and take new photos. BUT, we recommend taking the photos you want to use for your profile and doing a screenshot on each. Use the screenshot copy for your new profile, as the meta data will be fresh.

Tinder Tricks Frequently Asked Questions

Will these tips work on Bumble, Hinge, or other dating apps?

Although it’s probably good advice not to swipe on everybody on dating apps anymore, or constantly delete your accounts, we still can’t say for certain if it’ll hurt your scores on those apps as it will on Tinder.

What’s the difference between a ban and a shadowban?

A ban is kicking you off the app and not letting you make a new account. A shadowban is hiding your account from the majority of users, but still allowing you to access the app. I would argue a shadow-ban is worse because you’ll not realize your account has been flagged. Not only that, you might then delete your account, or run some outdated Tinder tricks to get some activity, which will just waste your time.

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