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The Trending Burberry Styles For a Signature Wardrobe

Trending Burberry Styles

Mid-June is the perfect season to make those final additions to your summer fashion lineup or get the post-spring deals on upcoming cool weather gear. Nuance your wardrobe with a couple of high-fashion items. We’ve already gone over some of the trending Gucci styles, but now it’s Burberry’s turn. These are the trending Burberry styles getting a lot of play this time of year.

Burberry Logo Tees

Graphic tees are great. Well, some graphic tees are great. As we talked about in our what’s in fashion for men’s guide – graphic tees are tricky. But this could be the summer where you sport a Burberry logo tee, which might be the kind of fashion momentum that helps you turn a corner and gain the barbecue confidence you’ve always envied in those other guys. A subtle Burberry logo tee, like this white one, can be styled with anything in your wardrobe.

Trending Burberry Styles

Burberry Logo Socks

It’s time to upgrade your socks. I know that because it’s also time to upgrade my socks. It’s always, always time for men to upgrade their socks. They get dirty easily, go out of style fairly quickly, and we never actually have enough of them.

Meanwhile, Burberry is putting some amazing logo stripe socks on the shelves. Please, it’s time to ditch those goofy lobster socks, palm tree patterns, and socks with too many colors. Whatever you bought a few years ago when socks carried the brute force of men’s fashion–grab them, say goodbye, and toss them out. Then snag a pair Burberry’s striped logo socks. They’ve got a black with white logo, and a few different white styles.

Trending Burberry Styles

Like the stripped logo and the eminently cool horizontal logo.

Trending Burberry Styles

Invest in some good socks that won’t get worn out easily or go out of style in a few years, like the basic colors and timeless logo of Burberry. Let’s put your sock-game back on track.

Burberry Swim Shorts and Sandals

Burberry’s line of basic swim shorts hit that perfect length, long enough to nod back toward longer swim shorts, but still above the knee. The basic black or a flashier blue are both excellent choices for the beach, pool, or water balloons in the park. Wherever you plan on getting wet this summer, get a pair of swim shorts that can make the transition to the mall or burgers on the lawn with stylish ease.

While you’re looking into swim shorts, check out Burberry’s slip-on sandals. The white ones have a nice rubber material. The slip-ons make it look like you’ve sold out to a basic athletic brand until they get a closer look and notice the high fashion. Practical for a summer night on the town, a day at the beach, or quick shuffle over to a coffee shop in the morning.

Burberry Logo Cap

If you’re like me, you’re not quite sure what to do with hats anymore. The dad hat revolution is long over and long cold, and five-panel ultimate Frisbee styled hats are good for, well, only ultimate Frisbee. The solution is to find a luxury cap that makes you look like a celebrity shielding your face from adoring masses. Burberry’s gray logo cap will work well with basic blue jeans and a white tee, but can also play with the stronger pieces of your wardrobe.

The logo cap will work well with any of your favorite summer sunglasses, and can become your everyday cap. It only takes one new piece in your wardrobe to shift the way all of your clothes work, and an iconic cap may be just the thing you need. Whether you’ve got buzzed hair so that the cap accents your face, or curly locks that peek out from the back, the hat’s structure is a timeless way of framing your jaw. Seriously, ditch the old dad hats and flat bills, and snag a logo cap.

Burberry Serpentine Trousers

A great wardrobe has novelty pieces in every category, ready to bring pops of color and design to shoes, pants, shirts, and jackets. One of the harder pieces to nail is a great pair of novelty pants. You want something versatile enough to match with enough other pieces in your wardrobe that it gets worn often, but not something so basic that it no longer qualifies as a novelty piece.

Burberry’s serpentine trousers are a blend of wool and cashmere, styled with a black and white checker pattern. The pattern is bold, noticeable, and definitely novelty, but the colors are basic enough that you can pair it with any basic shirts and shoes to complete the outfit. It’s such a versatile piece, yet won’t exclude half of your wardrobe by using an odd color. The perfect novelty pants for showing off colorful kicks or tucked tees.

Burberry Hoodies and Jackets

If you’d rather stand out than fit in, Burberry has some fashion-forward pieces that you can take from runway to streetwear and be on the influencer side of fashion. Don’t call them ready-to-wear, but don’t call it runway either. For the bolder, front-end fashionistas, Burberry has a graphic unicorn hoodie, which can be paired with loose-fit pants and block sneakers to knock-out any street corner you’re standing on.

The Reversible Multicolor Colorblock Cadshaw Jacket combines green, navy, red, and beige to form a warm color combination that will be perfect when those leaves start to turn. A logo on the chest and vintage vibes bring the whole outfit together with an air of luxury.

Trending Burberry Styles

Let us know below which one of these trending Burberry styles you plan on picking up!

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