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Trendy Suits: The Ultimate Guide to Mastering the Suit

Trendy Suits

When you wear a suit, you want to look your best. Whether for business, a romantic occasion, social gathering, or for any other reasons, you put on the suit to look and feel great. While suits are classic and slow to change, like any other clothing piece, they do change to what is considered stylish. That’s why we want to dive into what makes a trendy suit trendy, and what you can look for when buying your next suit.

To cover such a vast and in-depth subject as suit styles, we will need to break it down into sections. We will start broad, and then dig down into the nitty-gritty details of what makes a suit trendy and stylish. But keep in mind that whatever suit you buy and however you decide to wear it all depends on your style and what you want to say about yourself. That’s what the suit is all about – amplifying who you are, albeit in a professional and somewhat reserved manner.


While a suit did originate as a military uniform, and still serves as a uniform, to a certain extent, you have some freedom to play around with the look, and the most prominent detail about a suit you can control is the color. One of the bigger changes in suit styles in the last few years is the rise to dominance of the lighter colors.

Light greys, lighter blues, tans, and even salmon have all risen in popularity recently, and are especially trendy in spring and summer months. Even plaid has become more stylish recently, still, try to keep it in the neutral color range, so it’s not too flashy. In general, now you can let yourself have a little more wiggle room when it comes to choosing suit colors and patterns, though you still generally want to stick to grays, navy, and black if you want a reliably good-looking suit.

The Design

In general, there are two options for the type of suit jacket you are purchasing: single or double-breasted. Single breasted is much more accessible and will always remain a classic. The double-breasted suit is a bit more niche and requires a bit more of a sense of style to pull off successfully. We would advise you to stray towards single breasted and keep it slim fitting.

For the single-breasted, typically you’ll want to go with two buttons instead of three, and even consider the one button jacket. Single button suit jackets are slowly becoming more popular, I mean, we never use the second button anyways on the two-button jacket, so might as well get rid of the unnecessary button.

I know what you are thinking, but what about all that other stuff? The Lapels, the vents, etc.– there is a ton of extra things on a suit I have yet to mention.

Simply put – because the answers are actually quite easy! Stick with the notch lapel, it is more versatile and gives off a sleeker vibe which works with the overall direction of what is considered fashionable in men’s suites. As for vents, one vent is the classic American look and is always reliable, but two vents are a bit more stylish and more popular, plus they allow you to put your hands in your pockets a bit more easily.

For every other detail in the suit, ask if it betrays the overall cleanness and style of the suit, remember, what is considered trendy in suits is what is sleek and professional, yet laid back.

Wearing the Suit

How you wear your suit is as much a part of your look as the suit itself. From proper fitting to shoes to accessories, this can be where your style shines. The first and most important part of wearing your suit is the fit.

You may have heard this statement 100 times, and you’ll need to hear it 100 more times because a proper fitting suit makes all the difference. It can be hard to find a naturally well-fitting suit on its own, so you may have to rely on a tailor to perfect it. If you tell me that a tailor is too expensive or too much work, you should not be shopping for a ‘trendy’ suit. You want to keep the suit slim fitting when picking out the suit and tailoring it because the boxy suits of the 90s are out; what’s considered fashionable is getting slimmer by the day.

One of the most essential parts of the finishing look of your suit is the shoes. But do not fret, because picking out the right pair of shoes for your suit is easier than it looks, trust me.

Do you have a black or charcoal grey suit? Get yourself some black dress shoes, oxford or derbies, with rounded toes. Do you have a lighter color suit? Get yourself some brown dress shoes (though black is still an option if it’s a navy suit and you want to dress it up), Oxford or derbies, with rounded toes. Are you feeling adventurous? Consider picking up a pair of monk straps.

I know I am simplifying here, but this is an easy way to ensure your shoes work well with your suit. Pairing dress shoes with suits requires an entire article on its own. But no matter what, do not wear tennis shoes with a suit, it basically shouts “I am not an adult!”

Like the shoes, other accessories such as ties, belts, shirts, and pocket squares require an article on their own to deal with. So, all we can advise for now is to make sure that they complement the suit and aren’t too over-the-top and flashy. Wearing a suit is all about a refined and confident style, ensure your accessories add to this, not detract.

Review of The Ultimate Guide to Trendy Suits

Listen, suits are complicated, and following what is trendy can make it even more so. Just remember, you are buying a suit to look good now, but it should look good in five years too. If you follow our guide, do some more research, and follow your gut, you should be able to pick out and rock a stylish suit to your next event!

About the Author: Nick Davis

Nick is a freelance writer and full-time college student who writes on a variety of topics and spends his free time writing about philosophy, lifting, and occasionally leatherworking.