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Wear This, Not That: The Right Colors For Your Skin Tone

Colors For Your Skin Tone

You’ve always loved the idea of dressing to stand out. However, sometimes when you come back in after a wild night and look at yourself in the mirror, you realize that your outfit has missed the mark. Yes, investing in a great tailor and buying pieces from high-quality brands is important. But all of that goes to waste if your clothing is unflattering to one of the staples of your appearance; your skin tone.

We’re not saying to follow this guide to a tee and throw out pieces of your wardrobe that contain those skin tone defying colors. However, if you use this article as a guide, you’ll be on your way to a much more appealing style.

Let’s get started.

If You Have Pale or Yellow Skin

If your skin tone is pale or yellowish, then you likely already know that some shades can really wash you out. However, that doesn’t mean you’re completely banned from wearing lighter colors — you just have to know what works. 

If you want to play the neutral game, then go with navy, gray, or beige as opposed to black or white colors, which will provide too sharp of a contrast with your skin tone. 

Here’s the thing about those lighter pastel colors — you can wear them, as long as you mix them in with another piece from the “neutral” options above. In fact, on paler skin, pastel colors are often much softer than bright colors, which can make you look like you have a red undertone to your skin. 

For example, wear a purple pastel tee button-down with a pair of gray slacks like you see so many menswear bloggers doing. 

If You’re Dark-Skinned

If you have dark skin, you have much more flexibility when it comes to colors you can wear than those with paler skin. 

You’ve probably already taken advantage of the fact that you can rock bright colors and patterns like plaid and herringbone like nobody’s business. Just make sure that, when you wear these bright colors, you don’t forget about the fine art of balance. Adding one neutral to your look will keep things from looking too messy. 

The only colors you should be a bit cautious around are brown and black, as they won’t provide much contrast with your skin tone.

If You Have Olive or Brown Skin

If you’re a part of the olive skin tone palette, then you have more options than any other skin tones on this list. 

The only things you really need to avoid are colors that match too closely with your own skin tone. This means that most browns, mustard yellows, or even olive greens are to be purged from your closet. 

You’re lucky enough to be able to pull off bold colors — so take advantage of it. You’ll also look killer in white. Go for reds, oranges, blues, and fun patterns. If you prefer neutrals, opt for beige and avoid sand-colored pieces.

The Right Colors For Your Skin Tone

So the next time you’re out shopping for that new piece for your wardrobe, refer back to this guide and make sure your color scheme fits right in line.

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