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What’s In Fashion for Men – Our Recommendations

what's in fashion for men

What’s In Fashion for Men

What’s in fashion for men right now, might be obsolete in a couple of months. That’s was so difficult with fashion trends. The good thing is, there are staples that are a sure bet because they’ve been in style for decades. We’ll go over those, in addition to some items that are current trend-setters.

what's in fashion for men

What’s In Fashion for Men: Skinny Jeans Are In

When we say skinny jeans, we don’t mean jeans that are so tight that they’re almost impossible to get into. Instead, we’re referring to jeans that are a good fit and that aren’t baggy. A lot of stores that sell jeans have a specific fit of jeans that they refer to as “skinny.” We definitely recommend to try that fit, just be aware, that some stores and jean brands take that designation to the extreme.

Shirts Without Graphics, Unless They Are Designer

Graphic tees can be an edgy look to be worn from time to time. But as a whole, the trend is going towards shirts that don’t have any graphics on them, and instead, give you a more tailored fit. For example, slim fit v-neck or plain tees.

Designer Graphic Tees can be the exception, but don’t overdo it.

Designer graphic tees can look really slick, but the problem is, people tend to overdo them. Adding them into your wardrobe every once in awhile can be a good look, but make sure not to stockpile all the designer tees you see from TJ Maxx. Less is more.

Let’s also point out, we’re not saying that you can never wear non-designer graphic t-shirts. All we are saying is that simple tees are currently what is in style. So as long as you make a majority of you wear that, then you can add some graphic tees every once in a while and still be able to rock that look.

Zip-Up Hoodies

Hoodys can be fashionable, depending on the brand and style that you purchase. One style of hoodys that are definitely extremely fashionable right now are those that zip-up. Here are some examples:

One thing that makes zip-up hoodys so great, is that you can easily layer them. You can add a t-shirt underneath, maybe a coat overtop, etc.

Again, the key is to make sure you’re matching these hoodys with whatever else you’re wearing. Also make sure that you’re selecting hoodys that fit well and contour to your body.

Medium Size, Non-Flashy Watches

Huge blingy watches only work if you’re worth millions of dollars. For the rest of us, it looks tacky and try-hard. Instead, aim for a medium-sized watch that complements the rest of your outfit. For example, if you know you’re going for a look with darker colors, complement with a watch that matches. Invicta watches are a nice tough because they are relatively inexpensive, but can add a nice edge factor to your outfit.

Lightweight Athletic Sneakers

No, we’re not talking about your generic athletic sneakers your dad gets from Walmart’s clearance section. We’re talking about lightweight athletic sneakers from Nike, Adidas, New Balance, etc. Even Sketchers (yes.. I dare mentioned Sketchers in a men’s fashion article) has some athletic sneakers that are extremely fashionable and versatile with your outfit.

The first is to find shoes that match your outfit. If you’re unsure about that, stick with either black, light grey, or white, as they tend to match with practically everything. Here are some examples of lightweight athletic sneakers that tend to go well with a large variety of outfits:

Yes, New Balance can produce some pretty slick athletic shoes.

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